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Strange but true!
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Strange but true!


I would like to share a little story with you. You may or may not find interesting but at the time it happened, I was very excited about it.
As with most good stories, it happened when I least expected it.
One evening while I was at a circle meeting , for those of you who do not know what a circle is, it’s a gathering of people who are interested in similar things and wish to develop their intuitive skills. (To be honest, I loved going for the tea and cakes too!)
At the time I knew I wanted to progress towards working with animals, particularly horses but I wasn’t sure how this was going to happen or how I would achieve it. Anyway, we were all getting ready to sit down for a mediation which we normally do at the start of the evening. Some of the people where still chatting, so I went to sit down on the sofa.
I was aware of a slight stillness around me and as I had already learnt to pay attention when this happens, that’s exactly what I did.
It was at this point the first word flower, came into my thoughts. I acknowledged the moment, then carried on chatting. A few seconds later the second word I heard was desert, so once again I thought ok, where is this taking me? People were still chatting in the background but something kept drawing me back to my thoughts. I kept going over the words in my head again and again. Flower… Desert… flower desert… Desert flower?
I couldn’t make sense of it. Then the last word came to me… orchid. Desert flower, orchid, still it didn’t mean anything. Then after a little word play I realized, the words that had been given to me were showing me a name. Desert Orchid!
It was at that moment, as soon as I realized what the words meant, a beautiful white/grey horse, as large as life came right in front of me and passed by, bold as brass, as if to say, thank goodness, you’ve got it at last! (For anyone who knows me…sometimes it takes a little while before things sink in!) It was a wonderful, eye-opening, magical moment. I could not believe what had just happened but I knew I was not imagining things. (Although I am aware as I’m writing this, I realize it may be hard for you to believe.) Why on earth would Desert Orchid, the now deceased, famous race horse come and visit little old me! Well the date that this happened on, was on a famous race day that he had previously run in and won (I did not realize this until the evening had finished, when I went home and did some research)
Perhaps he just wanted to say hi and be remembered, or for some other reason I am not aware of, or maybe it was a sign to show me how I would be working with horses and the way I would be communicating with them.
Who knows and does it really matter? The important thing is, it meant something to me and gave me the encouragement to follow my heart and make my dream a reality.
While writing this story, I am not trying to convince you that I have a magical power that no one else has. On the contrary, I would like people to realize that we all have the ability to tap into an unseen wisdom, that cannot always be explained but is for the benefit of all.
Our heads are so full of chatter that we forget to listen to the silence and pay attention to what seems like random thoughts. For when we do, we discover another world; widen our horizons and a find a different way of thinking and communicating. This can only be a good thing…don’t you think?


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  1.  Rachel at The Warmblood Horse
    Rachel at The Warmblood Horse
    This is a great story with some great advice to take away. Voted!
  2. arabobsession
    I too am on the spiritual road, and have spent many hours practicing healings on my mare until she told me to stop. She told me I must ask permission first, so now I ask all the horses in the agistment complex if they would like a healing. Some ask me as I'm passing,some are surprised I can even hear them. Everything has a soul, everything has a heart and everything can talk,sometimes it's just about being quite of mind so you can hear. Love your post and giving you my vote.

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