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Stop Rushing - Invest in Your Horse
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Stop Rushing - Invest in Your Horse

Lots of people out there are go-go-go with their lives. Take a breath and try to enjoy the moment. Try to leave your life outside of the barn. If you rush with your horse you are making the experience for both of you less enjoyable. Horses know when you are rushed which leads to you often being frustrated with them because they are not acting perfectly. They act different or agitated because you are not taking the proper time with them. I know there are often more factors than just you rushing, but I can tell you with certainty it does not help.

There is a reason I often tell people to breath, relax and release. It does not just apply to riding or training; it often applies to the stress you bring to the barn. Your horse senses the majority of your emotions and although horseback riding itself can be a stress relieving activity, let whatever it is go in the car on the drive to the barn, sitting at the barn in your car, or even on the walk to get your horse. Start fresh with your horse giving both of you some time and see where it takes you. If you can only handle grooming for the day then let yourself bond with your horse; they will appreciate that more than a rushed workout. You will get out what you invest in with them; horses appreciate being loved, respected and invested in.

What you invest in you get out; this applies to so much in our lives. If you want to invest in any good relationship you put time in. Do the same for your horse; they deserve that respect. Yes, I said they deserve it. Some of you may just view them as livestock, or as pets, some as partners, others even as equal beings. Nonetheless, they cannot speak for themselves and they deserve just as much respect as you would like them to give to you. If you do not have true time, maybe you need to rethink a few things and reevaluate your schedule a bit. Rushing your horse is just not fair to them nor to you. If you want a real, lasting relationship with your horse take the time they need, plus the time you need to really bond and get more of those great experiences. In a short matter of time you will find your visits less frustrating and more enjoyable. 

Now some of you may be saying, rushing works just fine for me and that is good for you. For those of you whom rushing is not working for, think about what I said. Really think about the difference in your visits on the days where you have all the time in the world and the days where you are rushing. Now that you are thinking about that, do yourself a favor and focus on positivity around your horse, let go of your stress and remember all the great times you have with your horse. They will feel all of that coming off of you.

Some of you may be thinking I’m plum crazy by this point, but try what I said and see if it works. All life is precious and if you are invested in your horse, or horses, then you should really invest extra time in them as well.

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