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The Modern Horse Industry: An Uncertain Future
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The Modern Horse Industry: An Uncertain Future

The horse industry has been vibrant since the 18th century. However, if the modern trends are anything to go by, then industry players have reasons to be worried. The number of horses in the US was estimated to be 20 million at the beginning of the 19th century. Many people owned and marveled equines for a very long time. Horse racing basked in glory as a sport. But fewer people are willing to pursue that path today.

Therefore, the industry is at a crossroad. As other sports take root among young people, commentators say that something needs to be done before this industry is forgotten altogether. For instance, there is nobody promoting horse racing at the moment. With many people choosing other contemporary entertainment, such as online gaming, coupled with a lack of initiatives to recruit young people, the industry will hit a dead end.

Perhaps, one of the reasons why horse use has dwindled was the shift in military technology. The post-WWII military abandoned the use of equines in their operations. Although we can see the trend coming back in different forms, there are doubts as to whether the glory of the industry will ever come back.

Statistics show that less than 10 million horses are currently in the US. A number of factors can be blamed for the decline. First, the world has undergone a cultural change and the attractions are therefore changing. Economic factors also come into play. Maintaining a horse today is sadly a costly affair. This is because property rights have changed. There is no more vast land available and a majority of people are also limiting the use of their land.

Additionally, the middle-class in the US is obsessed with many other things. There are modern day challenges they have to deal with daily. Due to financial shortfalls, many find it difficult to own a home, much less a land required to own horses. By the way, the number of people with that status is also declining. New strategies are now being fronted to get the animal back in the spotlight. Sports organizers, sporting personalities, and the media have been blamed for sidelining horse racing. Proponents of the game argue that horse racing needs to be incorporated into the mainstream sports. Hopefully, these wrongs will be corrected, so these magnificent animals will receive the attention and care they deserve.

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