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Stars in Her Eyes
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Stars in Her Eyes

I have always been a bit of a dreamer ever since I was a child. Dreaming has been a part of me. There were times that would be all I did. I would day-dream about the day I would grow up and all my dreams would come true. My biggest dream as a child was, of course, having my own horse. Maybe that is a common dream of many young girls. We dream of walking out to a backyard and finding this beautiful stallion standing there. I lived in town, so this was not feasible.

This dream began when I was about five years old. I walked down the stairs to the basement of my grandmother's house where my uncle had his separate living quarters. I walked to the last bedroom and there, to my surprise, stood this palomino model horse rearing up on its hindquarters on one of my grandma's dressers. It was, in my five-year-old eyes, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

As I stood there admiring it (I knew not to touch it) my uncle came down. I do not remember the exact words he said to me, but I do remember asking him if I could have the horse. To my pleasant surprise, he gave it to me. My heart soared.

It was from that point on that all I could dream of was getting a real palomino stallion. I dreamed of driving out west to the open plains and bringing home my very own wild Mustang. I would write stories about it and draw pictures of it. I even made up a story about the palomino stallion having a brother. It sounds very silly now, but that was my dream at five years old. I guess, maybe I had stars in my eyes. But what is life without having a dream?

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