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Spring Has Sprung: 6 Rad Riding Activities to Do This Season
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Spring Has Sprung: 6 Rad Riding Activities to Do This Season

Hello, my horse friends! Spring has sprung and it’s beautiful. This is one of the best times of the year to engage in fun equine activities. The weather is beautiful and the Earth is waking up after Winter.

Here is a list of some rad riding activities and the like:

1. Take a hike to see wild horses

This is the time of year when foals are being born. These long-legged beauties bring joy to who see them all. If you have a herd of wild horses near, then you can take a hike and go see if they have had any babies. However, you should never bother a wild herd of horses. It is wise to stay quiet and stand at a distance of 100-200 feet.

2. Go on a nature ride

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! Take some time to saddle up your furry friend and take a ride. Take the ride slow and meditate on the wonder of the nature blossoming around you.

3. Search for orphaned babies

I only recommend searching for orphaned babies if you are experienced in handling small animals. Spring is the time that almost all wildlife have offspring. Unfortunately, that means some babies are going to be orphaned or injured. Many find abandoned kittens or a baby bird with a broken wing.

If you want to help these animals, take a ride and see if you can find one of these poor orphans. If you find a lone babe, then watch the animal extensively and make sure their mother has truly abandoned them. Often times babies get taken from their mothers while they are just out searching for food. This is the best option for those who like to take their bomb-proof horse into the wilderness. The reason I specifically say “bomb-proof” is because you only want to do this with a horse that is not going to take off if it hears a mew upon its back.

If you decide to participate in this option, bring water and a clean towel. Almost every abandoned baby you find will be dehydrated. After that, take them back with you to your stable. I recommend calling around to shelters and/or wildlife centers to see who can take the baby in. This activity is very rewarding for both horse and owner.

4. Give your horse a bath

Some places are covered in snow and some are 90 degrees! If you live in a place that has already warmed up, then you should give your horse a bath. It is likely your equine friend is itchy from shedding!

5. Put your shoes back on

Some owners have their horses shoes removed in the Winter. This is to avoid the shoe becoming packed with snow. If the snow has melted and there is not anymore coming, then you should schedule your farrier to come and replace their shoes. After all, who doesn’t like a pedicure and a little pampering?

6. Pick a bouquet of flowers

Okay, jokes aside, I never advocate for destroying nature. However, some places have flowers that are actually weeds. They are an invasive species that crowd out the natural plant life. For example, where I live, we have a an invasive weed that is a type of sunflower. They make beautiful bouquets.

If you have something similar in your area, then it’s fun to go out and collect a bouquet on horseback. I have always enjoyed plodding around and selecting wildflowers. If you do this, you can give it to one of your barn buddies as a sign of friendship.

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