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Spring Cleaning
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Spring Cleaning

I know it's a tad early for Spring Cleaning, but it is a good time to check everything out & get prepared for spring. 

Springtime is the time when most all things bloom, including horse shows, trail rides, competition & non competition riding. Doing your spring cleaning now while on downtime is the best time to find problems & fix them before you head out & find the problem later. 

I'll start at the barn & paddock/corral areas. 

Knocking down cobwebs helps to prevent fires. Make sure you have a few charged fire extinguishers easily accessable. Check these periodically throughout the year. A good time is when you de-worm if you do it 4 times per year, otherwise create a schedule to check them at least once every 3-4 months. Check your shovels, rakes, "pickin' tools & wheel borrows. Add some oil to the area where the spacer is in the wheel area. Check for cracks in tires & in wood handles of your tools. Take the time to clean up/out feed storage areas. Check for mold & dust build up. Oil hinges on all doors so they swing freely. Check for loose boards in stalls & any loose wire or hay keepers. For paddock/corral areas, check the boards for loose nails. Look for overly bent corral panels & replace if there are any broken bars. 

*NOTE* The Admin posted about Trailers. It gives an excellen checklist & this would be a very good time to go over that list & check your trailer before you head out. 

Tack: CLean & Check all tack. Check each buckle & connecting place for wear & tear. If anything seems thin or worn through, replace it. Clean all tack thoroughly, don't forget to get the dirt off the stirrups & wash saddle blankets. Clean out tack trunks. Check your grooming tools & replace any that have broken pieces that might scratch your horse when in use. Replenish washing items & replace wash mitts. They're probably due to be replaces anyways. Check all items to be taken with you or used on trail rides. Easy boots, hoof picks, sponges etc. 

Getting a head start on spring cleaning will make your outings more enjoyable & safe. Less stress, worry & hassle when you get these things out of the way now rather than finding out what you missed after you've loaded up & left the barn. 

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  1. Izzy Wilder
    Izzy Wilder
    this is excellent advice! you don't want to be caught unprepared when spring comes around! i voted for sure!
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  2. sweedly
    Very informative and great blog. Voted!
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  3. shumes
    Great advice! I posted up a similar Spring Prep article. Voted up :)
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