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Sponsor a Horse at Malta
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Sponsor a Horse at Malta

There is no denying that many people around the globe love horses. There’s something about them that just draw people’s attention. Horses are graceful, sensitive, and truly magnificent animals.

However, if you want to actually own a horse, then love is not going to be enough. You will need to make time in your busy life to take care of it, as well as needing sufficient space for it to live and roam. If you want to contribute towards a horse’s happy and healthy life, but do not have enough space to keep it around, then you should consider sponsoring a horse at the Malta Horse Sanctuary.

Keep a Horse Happy and Healthy

Whether you wish to regularly visit your sponsored horse or simply keep donating money for its food, shelter, and well-being, the Malta Horse Sanctuary is a great way for you to do it. Currently, there are 13 horses who are being cared for at the sanctuary.

Sponsoring a horse means that you donate a certain amount of money every month that goes towards the horse’s care. People can even donate the actual food and bedding for the horses if they want. Some contributors have hired special people who regularly visit the sanctuary and help out with maintenance. The people of this great organization cannot be more appreciative the help they receive from people.

Every Horse Has a Story

Talking to The Malta Independent, the vice-chair of the sanctuary, Pedro Griscti, mentioned how they can’t always help each horse that needs to be saved. There are many cases of neglect but the sanctuary cannot act on its own. It needs to involve the police and Animal Welfare before it can go and bring a horse into its care.

Other than horses that are victims of neglect, the sanctuary also keeps retired horses that want to live the rest of their lives in peace and comfort.

Slowly Growing

The sanctuary may have started small, but now every horse there has its own paddock. The horses are not confined to small spaces either, but rather have enough room to easily walk around and run a little at times.

Other than providing food, shelter and support to the horses, the sanctuary also aims to make the experience of visiting horses more interesting for families. It hosts children’s parties and other events so that families can come and enjoy the company of these horses as well as take in the beautiful views that the site offers.

It’s organizations like the Malta Horse Sanctuary that are needed in the world. The idea of sponsoring a horse in order to help it live a happy and comfortable life, without having to worry about keeping a massive pet on your own, is a great one. Thanks to this sanctuary, people who wish to be part of a horse's life, and provide love and support to a neglected one at that, can finally have that chance.

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