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Spoiled but not rotten
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Spoiled but not rotten

My neighbors had their kids & grandkids over for a few days. They began filing in on Thursday & left today to go back home. 3 kids, + husbands + kids (at least 2 per family) & 2 dogs. Now that's a house full! lol. They all made several daily visits with Cookie while they were there. Cookie has become accustomed to receiving something if she stands by the fence. We found out that she doesn't like celery, bananas or marshmallows. Her favorite treats are carrots, apples, pears & pecans. Now that they have gone, I suspect Cookie will be waiting for a daily treat, not get one & be somewhat depressed until she readjusts to the old schedule of a visitor here & there. One of those visitors being a neighbors dog. She just loves that little guy & she loves him. 

Cookie was happy to have some distractions during the incliment weather. I spend as much time as I can with her when it's windy/rainy, but I suppose I can be boring to her at times because she sees me several times during each day with the exception of Sundays between lunch & mid afternoon. I'm thinking of getting her a ball to see if she'll play with it. She seems to love her hay nets, making a game out of it while eating. She'll shake it, fling it & finally take a bite from it. Since it was sunny & dry today I placed several small piles of hay here & there for exercise for her. Not something I can do when it's raining. I've found out she loves her wet alfalfa, but not wet hay. 

As long as the weather stays decent with minimal wind, we can get out & go for walks (which I need to get back in to) just for a change of scenery & exercise. While she does expect a treat now when she sees me coming out the back door, she knows I don't always give her one. Sometimes she comes up to me, sometimes she stands back & waits. I still get my nickers which always brings a smile to my face & once in a while she'll cut loose & run around her paddock kicking up her heels. 

Cookie does love her visitors & treats & she is quite spoiled, but not spoiled rotten. She doesn't nip when receiving treats which is awesome because she has learned to be gentle & lick the treat off of the littlest of hands using her tongue & lips with no teeth. 

Yes I'm sure she will miss her visitors.. & be really glad to see them again when they return. She might even greet them with a few nickers. 

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