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Speed Saved from Being a Hamburger
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Speed Saved from Being a Hamburger

A couple of bites on a juicy hamburger along with crunchy fries and then a long sip of soda to wash the food down the throat -- very tempting, right? How would you feel if I told you that your hamburger contains horse meat? It is not entirely impossible for something like that to happen. The fact of the matter is that it is a regular phenomenon and horses are being slaughtered every day for human consumption in certain parts of the world.

Thus, chance of you eating a “horse burger” cannot be ruled out. Jillian Michaels of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has recently saved a famous horse from becoming hamburger meat in a Canadian slaughterhouse.

This particular horse, Royale With Speed, had his glorious time on the race track for years while he earned hundreds and thousands of dollars for his owner. Even his grandfather, Secretariat, was a renowned Triple Crown winner. Royale With Speed is thus no ordinary horse and yet he was worth only $350.00 to the slaughterhouse guys after his potentiality as a race-horse was over.

Investigators from PETA witnessed the ailing horse with a fever of 103.7 degrees Fahrenheit being sold to be taken out on a 500 miles’ journey to a slaughterhouse in Quebec, Canada. Jillian was the right person, at the right place and at the right moment to change the fate of Royale With Speed; instead of becoming hamburger meat, he is now lolling on the grass and romping with his new friend at his new home. She bought the horse, paid for his transportation to her ranch and arranged accommodation for him.

After several weeks of intensive care, Royale With Speed was fully recovered and he is a happy horse now; moreover, he has been given a new name, Gray Man, probably to erase the sad memories of the ordeal he went through. Good for Gray Man and good for Jillian Michaels -- the rescued and the rescuer, God bless them both.

This is but the story of one lucky horse who was saved from being a hamburger. What about the other hundreds of racing horses that have lost their strength and have become ill? Most of them are likely to end up in a slaughterhouse and be killed mercilessly. 

These horses were celebrities at their peak; as their utility fades away, their owners care very little about them. These are the horses that made fortunes for their owners and at the end of their career, there is no retirement plan for them; they are sent to be killed. What a cruel world!

What Jillian Michaels and her organization, PETA, are doing for these animals is remarkably an act of kindness and virtue. Especially when it comes to horses, our feelings are very touchy. A horse is not just a regular domestic animal; it is a rather a friend who is loyal and reliable. We should raise our voices against cruelty to horses; raise our voices against cruelty to all domestic animals that we take as pets. They give us company, entertain us and extend unconditional love for our families. How could we be so cruel to them?

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  1. Andreana Dorrs
    Andreana Dorrs
    Enjoyed this thank you
  2. jst4horses
    I think we need to write to the family of Secretariat, and maybe the movie makers. I have worked with three Secretariat sons and grandsons, ALL injured and dumped and rescued. I used to make agreements with owners, and even syndicates to give our equine therapy program horses they no longer wanted. My older son bought the papers off a stallion that was a syndicate owned Kentucky hopeful who had flipped in the mud his last work before going on the two year old racing trail. He had broken bones, a broken hip, and he had mashed all his tendons thrashing in the mud. We took three years to heal him, renamed him Harley, because he cost me what I had saved for a new motorcycle. He started jumping out of his stall, and paddock, so we trained him to jump. I tracked down a horse that the owners had promised to my younger son who was his syndicate groom and handler, no one else could handle the horse, but they insisted on trying for Kentucky, even though my son and the vets said he is not ready, and they harmed his back. The trainer did not honor the gift to my son and sold him down in a claiming race. I tracked that horse from one horror story to another, and finally found him. He had become a nightmare, fighting and vicious and got hurt again. The trainer who had bought him at slaughter price had a vet and chiropractor heal him. His back had been injured from being ridden and pushed too young, just as my son and the vets had warned. No wonder he was vicious. The story has a great ending. She had just sold him to a young girl who promised my son that she would keep him for life, and if for some reason could not, would notify him, and just give him to him for a forever home. That was 28 years ago. The horse is passed, but it shows, to me, we CAN make a difference. The trainer who had helped him told me when we talked, that as she worked with the horse, he reverted so fast to his NativeNaturalhorsemanship training she knew someone must have loved him somewhere. We as humans can do so much better, for ourselves, and for all the animals. Many Native Americans are returning to the old ways. Letting animals be in their own families, and not thinking we have a right to make them so miserable and use them and disgard them is something I think we as humans can do. And not slowly:)

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