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Sovereign Starts Her New Life
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Sovereign Starts Her New Life

Sovereign is a beautiful Arab mare who has just joined the four other horses at Totem Animals. She came from a well respected horse rescue charity and was re-homed with us a few days ago. She has been homed as a non ridden companion and we hope that she will be with us for the rest of her days.

We knew as soon as we read her profile that she was perfect for us and for the dynamic and energy of our existing horse team. We wanted a mature female, who could work with Ebony in keeping the balance and peace in the herd. It is also mares that seem to have the best connection when working with autistic children. This may be because 80% of autistic children are male and the balancing energy of the nurturing female helps in the healing process.

She was described as middle of the pecking order and a peace keeper of the herd. There was an occasion when one of the ponies she was living with fell at the gate and Sovereign stood over and protected the pony when another horse tried to attack it. The story gave me goose bumps and I knew that there was something very special about Sovereign.

As soon as she arrived it was as if a blanket of calm came with her. We can already feel her unique and beautiful strands of energy joining with the other horses and affecting the overall balance of our healing space.

Because one of the roles that Sovereign will have is to be part of the healing herd, we know it is essential for her to be in the best health possible. The day after her arrival we arranged for her to have a thermal imaging scan which we are currently waiting for analysis initial feedback is that Sovereign has signs of kissing spine, as well as some other issues that the scans are showing.

We have already started doing healing on her using Totem Reiki energy healing and we are sending her hair off for analysis so that we can address any deficiencies that she may have. At the moment she has her own paddock next to the main field where she can graze in peace and get to know the other horses whilst at a safe enough distance that she doesn't feel vulnerable. 

The picture is of Sovereign just a day after arriving! Already settled and calm enjoying the sun shine and her own grazing space where she can heal and regenerate ready to join the others at a time when she lets us know she is ready. Although we would love her not to have any issues we are not worried about it because we know that she is in the best place to be for them to be resolved.

Over the next six months she will get scanned every month and we are going to do a comprehensive case study to show her progress and to evidence the differences healing makes. It is also a great way to show people that our horses are in the right place to be healing and doing the work that we are asking of them.




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  1. hawksnests
    Love this article. Good job on not giving up on your horses due to your disability. Keep it up.
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      Thank you

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