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Something New Part 2
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Something New Part 2

Today is my birthday & to celebrate, I gave Cookie a bit more Alfalfa cubes than I normally do. I know you're like that's not a treat! To her it is. She thinks it's heaven to see her bucket of goey green Alfalfa. lol. Eventually I'll add some Beet pulp pellets to the mix, just to give her some extra winter fat.  My dinner consisted of roast beef with gravy over mashed potatoes, petite peas & steamed cabbage. Followed by a huge slice of home made Coffee Cheesecake. YUM doesn't even cover it, & I'm sure I gained back at least 4 of the 7 lbs I've lost. LOL That's ok though, I'll keep trudging on & it'll come back off in no time. 

So to continue on with my Something New every day, this morning Cookie was somewhat on the Alert again, though I did get quite a few nickers & head tosses on the way to the hay shelter. I believe the head tossing is her way of saying, Hurry up already! The only other time she does it is when she's on alert or really feeling her oats when lunging. After I spread her hay around I observed her again & again this morning she ran from one side of the paddock to the other looking across the street & blowing. So, I walked over to the fence to see if I could see or hear what she was upset about. I found the culprits. Stray dogs. About 5-6 medium to large sized dogs roaming the neighborhood yet again. Which means one of them is in heat & why on earth they come down this way is beyond me. None of those dogs live by me, in fact they're all from the other side of town! Drives me crazy & now I see it's driving Cookie crazy too. I haven't yet figured out just what to do about those dogs, but her behavior is quite intriguing to me. I've never seen a horse on alert run TO what it's blowing about. They tend to run away from & blow. They would be fairly hard pressed to get into her paddock, though I won't say it's impossible. Most of her paddock is surrounded by non climb fence. There are a few gaps here & there at the bottom, so I may have to get some cattle panels & fix those spots. It may not make her feel more secure, but I'll know for sure those dogs can't get in there. They aren't the type to harrass other animals & they aren't really aggressive, in fact they're quite friendly. They just need to be friendly back at their own house instead of mine. If they continue to come around, I'll have no choice but to call the police & see if something can be done. We don't really have a dog catcher here, so probably the most they'll do is run them off with a bb gun. 

I saw her same behavior of trotting back & forth this evening when I returned home, & those dogs were across the street. I know for sure now the cause of why she's doing what she's doing, though running to see them is interesting. Horses are fight or flight animals. The one's I've seen fight, are on alert, but don't blow & if they're scared of something, they'll blow & run away. Seems like her instincts are a bit twisted up. I'll have a chat with the Vet & see what he says about it. 

Otherwise, all is well with little Miss Cookie monster & I have had a fabulous Birthday! :) 

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