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Something New Every Day
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Something New Every Day

Yesterday I blogged about horses having a routine, a habit- good or bad. This morning was an unusual morning. I got a short nicker & Cookie didn't approach me like she normally does. I decided to observe Cookie after giving her breakfast. She was on alert to the highest trotting from one side of the paddock to the other looking across the street. I sang Christmas Carols, hummed, whistled while I worked & kept an eye on Cookie. She would move from pile to pile. Jerking her head up, sometimes trotting to the other end of the paddock to sniff & snort, tossing her head once in a while, then trotting back to the manger. I did part of my chores & decided to go in & have some breakfast myself & give Cookie time to eat & relax. 

When I came out with her lunch of Alfalfa & milled flax, I received a short nicker again, this time she was on the side of the house & did start to try & crowd me on the way to the hay shelter. I pushed her away, received a head toss & I could tell she was still on alert a little. I put 1/2 of her alfalfa in the feed tub & saved out the other 1/2 to give her before I resumed my chores. I placed several small piles of hay here & there for her & sat & watched her for a little bit. She roamed around & ate out of each pile, drank some water & settled down quite a bit. 

I gave her the rest of her alfalfa & commenced my chores. By the time I finished, Cookie had stopped munching & was taking in some sun, getting in a nap. I think this afternoon we'll go for a walk & give her something new to check out. Maybe it will help settle her down some & stretch her legs. 

I've also noticed today that she's not ribby anymore. I'm so happy! She's gaining some much needed winter fat weight & starting to get her winter fur. She's not completely fuzzy yet, but working on it. I am so blessed to have such an awesome healthy horse that shows me a new side of her every day. 

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  1. pftsusan
    #3. Congratulations on the new love of your life, Cookie. How old is she?
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you! :) I'm not real sure, the guy I bought her from said she's about 12.

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