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Some Horses Save Us
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Some Horses Save Us

Some people save horses, some horses save people.

Many years ago, I met a woman I call “mom”. We met at a bar that I worked at in Delray Beach Florida. Instantly we had a connection. We had so much in common: mostly our love of horses. That was almost all we ever talked about when they came in for a cocktail. My work day did not seem complete without my lengthy conversation with her and her husband. Over the years, her whole family took me in, and I was just one of them. Never did I feel like an outsider or not part of the family. She had not had horses in years, since she lived in Cape Cod. So after many long conversations, we decided to go in halves on a Premarin filly named Bella. She was a gangly, skinny little paint filly with legs to her ears. Needless to say, it was love at first sight, especially for Rhonda and Bella. There was a connection there that was undeniable.  Over the years we broke, or should I say Bella broke me? She was a hard one to tame. She was an absolute angel on the ground, but when it came to saddle time, she could be great for days, and then a bucking frenzy would ensue. I had been bucked off numerous times before I finally said I'd had enough, she’s going to hurt me.  By this time, we had decided that Rhonda wanted to own Bella instead of a partnership, which I already had two of my own so it only seemed fair. Over the years, Bella was sent off to training, came home right back to the same old routine. Which was not a bad thing, Bella was Rhonda’s heart and soul and she was just as happy to love on her and care for her even if that meant never riding her again.

Bella remained a pet for the duration of Rhonda’s life. When she was diagnosed with Cancer 3 and a half years ago, Bella was always there when she needed a kiss, a hug, or just a good old break down cry. She was always there. Rhonda’s battle with cancer ended July 17, 2014 at 4:03 AM. I can honestly say that my life, her family, her animals and anyone else she touched will never be the same. See sometimes people and animals are put in our lives for a reason, sometimes an unknown reason and sometimes known. I will say that even though we rescued Bella physically, I think she rescued us mentally. Rhonda rescued me in a time of my life when I needed her the most, and we rescued Bella when she needed us most, and in turn Bella rescued Rhonda. I wish I had more time with my “mom”, but I cherish ever moment we ever spent together and have many fond memories I will hold dear to me till the end of time. Rest easy my beautiful friend, take care of all my four legged friends up in heaven, till we meet again.

Please Visit Coversforchemo.com

This is a non profit my mom started when she was diagnosed with cancer to help others during their battle with cancer.


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  1. naturegirl
    Nice post! I voted for you!
    1. Heather hottbartndr@aol.com
      Heather hottbartndr@aol.com
      Thank you!
  2. Qhqueen
    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman! xoxo
    1. Heather hottbartndr@aol.com
      Heather hottbartndr@aol.com
  3. poco rose
    I truly believe my horses have made a difference in my life, I love them and they respond in kind....
  4. kjohnson
    Was this lady living in Michigan?? I met a wonderful woman celebrating her anniversary the day of the Derby...while this is just a side picture she looks VERY similar. The woman I met was beautiful inside and out...only meeting her the one time it still stuck with me.

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