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Social Media vs What the Horse Thinks
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Social Media vs What the Horse Thinks

Hello everyone. It’s me, your horse, and I would like to ask a huge favor. Please put down your cell phones and stay in the moment with me. I need you to actually look at me and make me your priority.

Here’s the deal, I don’t know what a selfie is and I don’t know the difference between first place and last place. I have no idea what posting to social media is, but I do know your cell phone posts distract you and can sometimes unsettle-me.

Please begin to live your life and stop comparing it. Look up from your cell phones and enjoy the barn experience again. Stay off your tack trunks with your selfie sticks. Pay attention to me and your fellow equestrians. Enjoy lessons, trail riding, and actual conversations.

Pick up a pitchfork and help out around the barn. Most importantly, encourage others and be positive. Social media posting has taken you away from me and others. It has consumed your day with me almost entirely. You are distracted and riding for that cool picture or video. Ride me and give someone else the cell phone to tape us and take pictures.

Video and pictures are a wonderful learning tool and great to share, but not during our time together. After our ride and away from others is your time to post, share and comment. Keep it all positive and encouraging. Please do not brag or put anyone down. Everyone rides for different reasons and at various skill levels. Embrace all the disciplines and all horse breeds. Be a great example and hopefully more will do the same.

I am your horse and you are my rider. I ask this favor of you and all equestrians. Let's get back to being a part of each others' lives instead of a post about our relationship.

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  5. Cantera
    Well said, from the horses's mouth. Be present and enjoy the connection with horse friends including humans plus a few dogs and cats too.

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