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Smart Cookie Part 2
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Smart Cookie Part 2

My little Cookie monster has been home a total of 4 weeks this coming Saturday. Wow! It sure doesn't seem like it's been that long. I have lost a total of 5 lbs so far, not too shabby if I do say so myself. lol. Weight loss & knowledge gain are going hand in hand in my journey. I'm losing weight & both Cookie & I are gaining knowledge. 

I'm finding out just how smart she is & how much I just love her! She never fails to surprise me.  

She got her tootisies trimmed Monday. I didn't know if she had ever gotten a trim before so I was prepared for just about anything to happen. The farrier was very courteous & gentle with Cookie & she took it all like a trooper. She wasn't too keen on her hinds being done & hopped around a bit, but otherwise she did fabulous. I didn't figure she'd go all to pieces anyways because I have been cleaning her feet nearly every other day. We discussed her dry feet & that her feet were actually in pretty good shape all things considered. He trimmed her a bit short & said she might be a little tender for a few days, but he said considering I'm not riding her & she's getting lunge work the soreness wouldn't last long, plus it gives better growth & footing. She was splay footed & walking on the inside of her feet which put stress on the inside of her ankles & causing her to toe out. When she would stand still, I gave her a pecan. She loves pecans. He also suggested I make some mud puddles for her to stand/walk in which would help her feet some & when I can I'll get some Hooflex to help seal in moisture. 

For the first 2 weeks, she would follow me to the hay shelter only. Normal behavior in a new place. Following me, meant food. I spaced out her Alfalfa/Flax mix, so she gets a serving at brunch & then again at dinner. She's learned the color of the pan means something special. lol.  When I would fix the hay shelter so I thought she couldn't get in, she showed me just how determined she was to get in there. I saved some money up & bought another cattle panel & cut off the excess to make a smaller, more manageable gate. Killed 2 birds with one stone. Made 1 small & 1 medium sized gates. Plus I found a long workbench type table to go across in front of the shelter which she hasn't been able to move. I made a hay manger out of another table that was used as a home made work bench. It had large spaces in the bottom that I covered with 1/2" landscape cloth to allow dirt & small inedible pieces to fall through. Then I covered the sides with chicken wire to prevent the hay from going through the sides & being wasted. What's really cool is I can pick up the grass seeds from the ground when she's done eating & plant them for her elsewhere. Win/win right there. lol. 

I had decided it was time for a few Christmas pics. Cookie has been so smart about strange noises, with a few exceptions, so I thought this ought to go pretty well. HA! Yeeeaahhh. I had to sack her out for about 15 minutes before she realized I wasn't trying to kill her with a tree skirt. Silly girl. She was just reminding me that while she doesn't go sky high over everything... strange new things take a moment to figure out.  I put the tree skirt around her neck (Which looks like Santa Clause) & placed my Santa hat on her ear, lead her out into the open & snapped a few pics. So adorable! 

I'll fast forward a bit to the past couple of days. I thought I'd go & spend some time out in her paddock, cleaning up & moving manure. I had taken a few days off due to carpal tunnel & even though I still can't feel my 2 middle fingertips, I still had to do my chores. Otherwise it would have been a huge mess out there. While I was moving from pile to pile & tossing manure into pre-dug holes, Cookie followed me all over the back yard. All I could do was grin from ear to ear. She hooked on & was investigating everything I was doing. I'd give her love from time to time & even used a rubber mitt to massage her. She seemed to like that pretty good. When I was done moving manure, I got the hose & proceeded to make some mud puddles. It's mostly sand & so very dry the water stood on top for nearly 30 minutes before soaking in. While Cookie was standing near me, I'd make the puddles around her feet. It's been in the upper 70's here so getting water on her legs wouldn't hurt, I didn't go any higher than her pasterns just to be safe. She didn't mind her front feet getting wet & even pawed the puddle a little. When I got close to her hind feet, she stomped the ground & moved away from it. She was so very curious about this substance making this noise & splash, she kept smelling everywhere the hose went. A good indication to me that she has never had a bath. Depending on how our weather goes, she'll be getting a bath late spring/early summer. 

I have been so very blessed having Cookie. My mood, attitude... everything has changed. I've always been a very positive person. I see the silver lining in everything. Having Cookie has really pushed me up to a new level in life & I thank God every single day... not just for bringing Cookie into my life, but for waking me up everyday to see the blessings all around me.

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