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Singing Cowboy Still Spreading Happiness
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Singing Cowboy Still Spreading Happiness

Renowned cowboy singer and performer, Gene Autry may have passed away almost two decades ago, but his spirit continues to live on and spread happiness to horses. Autry’s widow, Jackie recently purchased a vast amount of land, along with a ranch, in the state of California. as a charitable deed in order to offer her support to the Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF). The land will be used to help and provide a home for many horses. In life, Gene Autry took a keen interest in the equine world, owning several horses and even getting involved with rodeo. It’s wonderful to see that his widow continues to do all she can to keep her husband’s legacy alive and help animals.

Gene Autry himself was born in 1907 and went on to have a magnificent career across the worlds of music, television, and films. He is one of the most famous singing cowboys in history and passed away at the age of 91 in 1998, leaving his widow Jackie behind. Jackie was recently named Grand Ambassador and Spokesperson for the WFLF and is doing all she can to help horses across the United States. As well as purchasing the ranch, she is taking part in the restoration and reparations necessary to make it a suitable living environment for horses in need. The goal of the WFLF is to help abused or victimized horses to live happily and healthily.

The foundation will be using this large ranch as its new headquarters. Over 75 horses will also be making the journey across the country to live there. The WFLF had previously relied on leased accommodations and land for its facilities, so the staff is clearly very content to finally have their own property. The co-founder of the WFLF, Katia Louise revealed how important it was to have full ownership of the land, and it’s clear that the horses will be much more secure and happy being able to live in a fixed, well-maintained location.

The WFLF was founded in the summer of 2008 in response to the documentary, Saving America’s Horses, which showed illegal trafficking of horses across California. The film itself has proven to be an effective way of raising awareness about the plight of horses in the US, encouraging many people to contribute to organizations like the WFLF. Katia Louise revealed that the foundation is now able to provide happy lives to hundreds of animals each year. In recent times, workers at the WFLF have managed to rescue and rehome several hundred Mustangs and other breeds from all around the nation. Autry himself was often seen alongside his own horse Champion, and he would surely be proud and content to see the great work his wife continues to do for horses in his absence.

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