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Silly Horse! Watermelon is for Kids!
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Silly Horse! Watermelon is for Kids!

I just keep learning about Cookie. It's fun to try new things and today we tried watermelon. One of our neighbors stops by often to say hello to Cookie and when she does, she usually brings her something to snack on. This time it was watermelon. Cookie absolutely LOVES it! I thought girl, you can eat that rind all you want, I'm not that fond of it myself. She had gobbled 3/4 of a 1/2 in a short minute and I didn't want her to go overboard so I buried the other 1/2 in the compost pile. I certainly don't want her to get sick by eating too much, and I didn't have time to freeze the 1/2 I buried. Next time I'll freeze it in chunks so she'll have some throughout summer. Cookie nickered and drooled over her precious snack and even tried to knock me down to get to the other. 

I also learned Cookie loves to play with the water hose. I was spraying off the cement deck when Cookie came strolling over. I had the high pressure nozzle on so I turned it down to where it wouldn't sting her and misted her all over. She decided after her watermelon she needed some water so she grabbed the nozzle and started shaking it up and down. I opened the nozzle a little more and she start lip smacking the water. When she got done, I commenced to spraying off the cement and she just wanted to play in the small puddles. Stomping in front of me, trying to get the spray and lifting her head when it actually sprayed her face. I guess I need to get her a kiddy pool to play in. As long as it's her idea, she loves to play in water. Give her a bath, and she isn't that fond of it. 

After I got done spraying off most of the cement and turned off the water, she decided then it was time to roll because her tootsies had gotten wet. I guess to her that meant she was soaked all over. lol 

Well, it's almost time for her afternoon alfalfa and vitamins. I have to keep that young lady healthy. Which is funny... she eats better than I do! It's all good though. I'm just so blessed to have her, and I can't wait until we either have a new baby or I get enough weight off that I can safely ride her. Either way, every day is sheer bliss for me. 


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  1. autumnap
    Lol! They all have their quirks don't they. I had one who just loved to share my chips with gravy when we went late night show jumping at a local venue and I bought my tea from the cafe there. x
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      They sure do! Wow! Chips and gravy? That's cool! I'll just have to see how eclectic her palate is. :D

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