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Knowing Parts of a Hoof for Shoeing a Horse
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Knowing Parts of a Hoof for Shoeing a Horse

Hoof that and hoof this! Do you know all of your horse’s hoof?

External Hoof Heel Bulb - This is what promotes 70% of the hoof growth

Periople at the Heel - Both the frog and periople merge

Heel - The wall bends in sharply when it reaches the heel

Quarter - The wall also equals in length at the quarter

Toe - The toe and heels are the only parts that touch a hard surface when the horse walks

Periople Coronary Band - The coronet is the upper most limit of the hoof capsule

Internal Hoof Walls - Walls are what merge with the heel and toe

Sole - The outer wall, bars and frog are covered by the material known as the sole

White Line - The white line is the inner layer of the wall

Bars - The external surface forms the bars

Frogs - Inner rubber part that merges with periople

Now should you put a shoe on your horse?

The Pros & Cons

It all depends upon whether you ride for pleasure or show. If riding for pleasure, it would be in favor for both you and your horse not to shoe them as long as make sure to keep up on the foot treatment and maintain a healthy diet. If your horse’s hooves begin to get sore, there are other options such as boots they can wear while riding and glue on shoes.  

You might come to ask, “What did the horses do when they were wild?” Horses would travel great distances over rocky terrain and pastures, trimming and keeping up on their own hooves. Today, whether you do it yourself or have a farrier do it, their hooves will need maintenance because they are unable to do it on their own, especially if they are put in a stall or in a small pasture.

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