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Should You Blanket Your Horse?
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Should You Blanket Your Horse?

When you see someone blanket their horse, most often the horse may have a medical issue, advanced age, or the owner is just worried about their horse through the winter. This applies to me as well; I wouldn’t want my baby to freeze! Do you question whether it’s the best to blanket them?

Take into consideration the necessities that horses need to prevent being blanketed. You need to provide the horse with shelter for when the weather gets cold, the proper feed for winter, and proper grooming throughout the season.

Blanketing gradually takes away the natural ability of your horse to grow it’s full winter coat. You also need to properly groom the winter coat if you blanket them to prevent sweating and to give you the full capability of riding and engaging with your horse.   

If you have your horse in shows then you may want to blanket your horse because it maintains a short coat for show.

Also, if your horse is kept in a climate that may reach well below 10 degrees Fahrenheit then these would be the appropriate conditions to cover your horse with a blanket. Be sure that the blanket isn't too thick because when your horse sweats underneath it, it may take time to dry and you surely don’t want the sweat to freeze.

If you blanket then you need to think hard about the way these creatures stay warm when they aren’t blanketed. Typically they will be given feed over the winter other than hay because eating and digestion enhances the generation of heat. Horses of all types can withstand extreme cold and wind with their strong build and winter coats that can be up to 3 inches long.

When it comes down to it, it solely depends upon the type of your horse and your decision whether to blanket them throughout the winter months.

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