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Shadowfax the Great
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Shadowfax the Great

There are many horses that grace the big screen, carrying stars throughout their roles, and giving their all to the movie that they are performing in. However, although there have been several of these majestic beasts, how many can compare with Shadowfax, the barely-tamed silver-white horse ridden by Gandalf the Sorcerer in the famous epic The Lord of the Ring?

Shadowfax was an incredibly special horse, as all LOTR fans know. He is the descendant of Felarof and his race is Mearas, known as the greatest horses of Middle Earth, and hails from Rohan. Gandalf received him as a gift from King Theoden and was the only one capable of riding him, and bare at that – Shadowfax refused to wear a bridle and saddle. This race was composed of silver and grey horses only, and all from his race could understand the speech of men.

Surely in part because the horse would not wear any gear, he could ride with great speed and has helped Gandalf in many of his most urgent deeds; as a matter of fact, he was known to ride faster than the wind. Although in the movie we see Gandalf for the first time in the Shire, he arrived there on Shadowfax, having ridden him for the first time during that journey, and arrived in only 6 days – an incredibly short time for that distance. From then on, in all three episodes, we see Gandalf coming to and fro various locations and with great speed to carry on his complex and often secretive matters.

However, what was the horse-actor that played Shadowfax? Actually, two horses played the role of the royal animal that graced the golden screen. First, an Andalusian stallion named Domero, 16 years old, was the one chosen for most scenes. His double, Blanco, is also Andalusian, but a gelding, and he was responsible for most of the galloping scenes. Unfortunately, according to some sites, Domero was injured on site and could not finish the final movie completely, having to be replaced by Blanco – some of you may even have noticed the slight discrepancy by noticing that the horse wasn’t the same.


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