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Senior Horse Feed Not Just for Seniors
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Senior Horse Feed Not Just for Seniors

 Generally, senior horse feeds are suitable for senior horses because the feeds are specifically meant to help the horses whose digestive system is no longer working optimally. Thus, the senior horse feeds should have all the nutrients needed for the horse.

Even though senior horse feeds are meant for horses that have reached the age of 18-20 and above, the feeds can be fed to younger horses, especially for horse that could be having medical challenges. Some of the situations that could require you to feed your horse with senior feed include the following:

Dental abnormalities

If your horse is experiencing problems when it comes to chewing, you could try senior horse feeds because they are specifically meant for horses with chewing problems. Such feeds are generally nutritionally complete and are highly digestive, eliminating the need for the animal to have to chew them. All you need to do is to mix the feed with a little water.

Poor digestive function

We have already mentioned that the primary reason why we have senior horse feeds is to take care of the digestive problems of the horses as they age. As the horse becomes old, its digestive system becomes defective. Having said that, any horse with a poor digestive function can use this feed with the goal of reducing the digestive load on the tract. If your horse is having a poor digestive function other than the age reasons, you should seek a medical remedy for the problem.

Recovering from choke

Horses that are recovering from esophageal obstruction otherwise known as choke should be put on senior horse feeds for a while until they recover from the mucosal irritation. Small frequent meals added with water are recommended.

Recovering from colic surgery

Horses that are recovering from colic surgery are prone mechanical stress on the gut. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution when introducing your horse to feeding. Food that is not bulky and easy to digest is recommended.

Difficulty chewing or swallowing

Not all chewing or swallowing problems are associated with dental anomalies in animals. Injuries such as jaw fractures, tongue injuries, neurologic deficits and pharynx abnormalities can contribute to difficulties when it comes to chewing and swallowing food. In such situations, feeding the horse with senior feeds would be the most appropriate thing to do.

Is the nutrition part of your daily routine in horse feeding? Many horse owners think that the most important think for the horse is to have a full stomach. Well, just like human beings, horses also need balanced diet for optimum performance and longevity. If you are not sure about the nutritional content of the feed of your horse, it is important to seek a veterinary advice. Here are some important notes you need to take into consideration:

  • What is the dietary history of the animal?

It is important to record what each of your horse takes on a daily basis. This will allow the veterinary to assess whether the diet is appropriate for the horse. 

  • What is the physical condition of the patient?

It is also important to ensure that the physical condition of your horse is ideal. Take note of each interaction with the horse and record the conditions of the body at any given time. 

  • What is the horse’ eating habits

Observe how the horse behaves when being fed. This will give you a clue on what needs to be done to feed the horse well. 

It has long been recognized that health and nutrition of your horse always go hand in hand. Therefore, investing your time and resources to ensure that the horse feeds well is important for the health and well-being of the horse.

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  1. artiesmom
    I love senior feed I have used it to rehab quite a few rescue horses. I have also used Nutrena pro force fiber it's excellent with putting weight and maintaining weight on horses. Doesn't make them "hot" either

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