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Second Day of Feet Up
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Second Day of Feet Up

Today is the second day working with Cookie on the "Leg" command. Cookie would rather stomp her foot down and get irritated with me. Some days are better than other no matter what we're working on. I don't push her to do what I want, rather I take what she gives even if it's very small steps. 

Cookie has had problems with her hinds ever since I brought her home. I don't know if she had a bad experience before or was pushed or forced real hard on her hinds. She does have a popping stifle on her left side, which can be part of the problem on that side. She jigs both hinds trying to put them back down which just means it's going to take longer until she is picking up her feet without problems. 

Not only is this an important step in a horses training, it gives you the opportunity to see if there's anything wrong with the hoof over all. When you pick the gunk out from around the frog, you can take the time to examine the crevices for thrush, uneven wear and tender spots. 

Cookie has thrush in the central sulcus area on her left front. She doesn't have it on any other hoof, just that one which will make it easier to treat. I have been cleaning it in between rain storms though I have begun to wonder if it was counter productive. It is difficult to treat thrush when it rains on and off every day or every other day. It begins to heal then the rain comes to make a mushy mess all over again before the hoof is totally healed. I will keep at it until it is healed however long it may take. I just might have to go about it differently. It doesn't cause her any discomfort and it's not advancing any further which is good. 

Thrush isn't the only problem that can arise in the hoof area which is why it's important to pick the gunk out at least before every ride. There may be uneven wear or structural issues that you can discuss with your farrier and in turn they can do what they can to help the hoof. If it is real bad, you may have to have your vet come and take a look. 

Continue to work with those feet, picking them up, picking them out because the hooves are your horses foundation. You won't have a horse if he doesn't have hooves. 


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  1. shumes
    I'm really enjoying these blogs :) It's like a little peek into your and Cookie's life. Voted up! Feel free to visit my blogs posts as well.
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you. I will check them out :)
  2. autumnap
    Voted. There's always something to worry about with horses but glad to hear things are progressing well. x
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you .. lol I know that's right! They certainly keep you on your toes.

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