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Seabiscuit--The One and Only
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Seabiscuit--The One and Only

Seabiscuit was a symbol of hope, pride, and honor. This amazing horse’s legacy is remembered all around the world, and he has been honored with 4 known statues. One at The Shops of Tanforan, another at Santa Anita Racetrack, a third in 2007 at Ridgewood Ranch, and a fourth of George Woolf and Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit the one and only has a moving story that rose during the Great Depression. An American hero, by definition--an individual who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Everyone knows of Seabiscuit, or don’t you? Seabiscuit was a “champion” thoroughbred racehorse; you have to watch clips of how he finished his final laps, turning those corners with such determination. His pride made him horse racing’s all-time leading money winner. In 1938 after defeating a notoriously profound champion horse by the name of “War Admiral” Seabiscuit was named “American horse of the year.” During this race War Admiral ran his best time for distance, however, Seabiscuit beat him by four clear lengths! Seabiscuit’s style of running really reflected America, and Seabiscuit gave Americans joy in times of despair. Like America during the great depression, Seabiscuit was known for starting off a little slow and then pulling ahead with a later acceleration. We are still racing back from the impact, but we are just as determined as Seabiscuit as we turn these corners. Seabiscuit has so many honors and portrayals in art, film, and literature that his life will forever be celebrated.

Seabiscuit paved the way for horses in the equestrian sport. He was a small stallion with a big heart, and hooves that wouldn’t give. A 2003 film “Seabiscuit” portrays the life of our American role model very well, and is also a great family movie to watch with your horses on a movie night.

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  1. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. I haven't seen the film or read the book, but I do recall hearing about Seabiscuit often when I was a kid.
  2. jst4horses
    Good article. I love when people put time into research and write an article about horses. My friend Debra Ginsberg was an editor at CalThoroughbred Racing Magazine. She wrote many articles over the years. I hope her family will put them in a book and release it to raise money for the Jockey Club, she died after 20 years of surviving breast cancer, and I miss her always. We went to all those Silver celebrations of cancer survivors, she inspired so many others. She too did articles about SeaBiscuit. Many of us who worked at Santa Anita were asked if we wanted to be extras. I was a licensed horse handler, and trained handlers for licensing for years to support a free therapeutic equine program for high risk youth and veterans. I so wanted to be in SeaBiscuit, but I had cancer and was in surgery when they were filming. As a member of the memorial fund, I was a volunteer for the Santa Anita Premier of the movie. IT was fun. I was signing people in for the event. I asked people about their relationship to the film, whether they were track or film company related. One man said, I guess film company. When we saw the movie, I realized from the credits he was the screenwriter! I apologized on the limo ride back to the parking lot. How funny, and how fun. I got hit by two kids racing and in physical therapy they had some old Seabiscuit crutches hanging on the wall, I said, can I have those, they asked why. I said because I did NOT get to be an extra in the film, and those crutches are what I call Seabiscuit crutches. They gave them to me. Every time I feel too much pain, or like I do not want to do any more physical therapy, or I never will ride again, I just get out my Seabiscuit crutches and keep on going. Some of the old valets at the premier knew the real Wolf, and the real Seabiscuit. If you have not read the book, or seen the movie, do, it is great. We got to have front row seats for track staffers and volunteers. I was laughing, sitting between two retired jockeys and other older horsemen and women. At every beat of hoof, at every lean in, all of us were riding right along. We noticed we all were, and laughed at ourselves. It is something you will never forget. Everytime I go to a morning workout, or a race, I remember the feel of that thundering miracle of riding a real race horse on a real track. I never got to ride a professional track, just a training track, but one morning I had decided to take one of the ponies for a little ride down at Del Mar. I jumped up. He shot into action. We headed at top speed towards the security office. Their door was open. Their door on the other side was open, that old idiot was going to go right on through. His head was right on my nose, and there was no controlling him. I said.......hmmm. Fast. I reached out and grabbed the bit and turned his head, not always a good move, the horse can slip and fall,and at high speed they skid for some feet, usually on your leg if you do not whip it up and over his other shoulder and just ride the horse like a trash can top in the snow. But, he slowed enough to turn and take off again, bashing me against every single pole holding up the shed row roof. Finally I grabbed that bit again and he turned into a stall, bucking under the door, that old horse knew all the tricks, but in the stall he had to slow enough I could jump down. I put him on a stud chain and my son and I took turns riding him on a lounge line until he was completely cooled down. One of the guys said "didn't you know he ran away with the barn manager this morning at the track". NO, no one told me when they saw me jump up there. For years I would see that horse and we were great friends. I loved that old horse, and even rode him again, but he too reminds me of how awesome it actually is riding a real thoroughbred.
    1. Teshaw R
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