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Safety Measures When Training a Horse
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Safety Measures When Training a Horse

Training your horse is both challenging and rewarding. It requires patience, determination and following basic safety techniques to ensure neither you or your horse sustains an injury. If you are just starting to train your horse, you need to consult a professional in order to learn basic techniques and strategies specific to your horse’s temperament.

Stay Calm

Your horse can sense if you become stressed or impatient and may react accordingly. If you feel yourself becoming frustrated then take a break in order to prevent an accident, such as falling off your horse or giving the wrong command.

Lead Properly

Focus on helping to establish an invisible bubble of space around you that your horse cannot invade or cross. This is the start of establishing boundaries and trust with your horse and will give you space to move without sending mixed signals.

Prevent Bucking

There will be times when you need to make a quick stop while riding. Train your horse to stop using one rein. This will help the horse learn when to stop and prevent a horse from becoming out of control and throwing you off.

Use Body Language to Guide Your Horse

Avoid jerky movements and kicking your horse to move. The longer you ride together, the better you will understand each other. For example, balance yourself on the saddle and sit with your belly button focused in the direction you wish to go.

Be Confident

If you are confident, your horse will be confident. A horse lacking confidence is easily spooked. This will come in time, but will help your horse build trust that you will watch out for their well-being.

The longer you train with a horse, the better you will be able to communicate and work together. Learn the horse’s preferences and focus on establishing trust in order to prevent accidents and injuries.

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