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Running Shoes for Horses?
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Running Shoes for Horses?

The iron horseshoes that are generally seen on both working and racing horses have much controversy surrounding them, which leads people to ask the serious question, “are they good, or are they bad?”. One company has taken this question into serious consideration, looked at all of the facts, and have actually created a product that eliminates the need for iron shoes on horses.

The Need for an Alternative Shoe

One English veterinarian made a statement on why iron horseshoes are terrible for horses. Bracy Clark had this to say on the subject of horses wearing iron horseshoes:

“Horse’s bodies and limbs are constantly increasing and growing in both weight and bulk. When their feet are placed in the iron shoes they become bonded to them and diminish in fitness and size. On the day that they are first bonded to the iron shoe it’s incredibly painful, so trainers and breeders put it off as long as possible.”

Once a horse has iron shoes placed they become highly dependent on them, and should something go wrong, it can become fatal to the horse. For example, if a nail becomes loose and the shoe moves, the horse can become lame or suffer a fatal injury from a fall.

Therefore, the need for an alternative for an iron shoe is crucial to the future of all horses, whether they are working, for breeding, or a racing horse.

MEGASUS Horserunners and The Ultimate Alternative

With animal welfare in mind, the founder of the company, MEGASUS Horserunners, Charly Forstner took his experience with inspecting and protecting horses to the test, and thought about how he could change the lives of horses.

Forstner saw firsthand what iron shoes does to horses over both short and long periods of time, learning that the majority of horses with leg and hoof problems had to be put down, most of which stemmed from complications with iron shoes.

He further created the Dynamix and the Easywalker in order to protect the hooves, and lives, of horses, and has further created the MEGASUS Horserunners. These rubber shoes allow for less shock and vibration and require no nails, iron, or hammering. The shoes simply slip on, are clicked in place, and the horse can go about their activities safely.

They have the following features and benefits:

1. Weigh less than half a pound

2. Are fully adjustable through the sliding clips on the side

3. Does not stunt growth or movement

4. Slip on and off easily but cannot be kicked off

5. They do not rotate or twist on the hoof

6. Can be used on any terrain

7. Does not rub or chafe the hoof, even under pressure

These rubber shoes are the perfect, safe alternative to unforgiving iron shoes that actually shorten a horse’s life.

Giving Horses a Healthy Shoe Alternative

While the iron horseshoe has been around for centuries, it’s time we say goodbye to them for the welfare and well-being of horses across the globe. Hopefully, in time, iron horseshoes will be outlawed altogether, with products like these taking center stage.

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