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Run free at Liberty, Part 3
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Run free at Liberty, Part 3

Two days after our visit onto the traveler site and we have heard nothing. The desperation has gotten to me and I’ve asked my friends to call the welfare agencies and express their concerns for this little pony. I figure the more phone calls they receive might tempt them into actually visiting and checking on her themselves. But still, they do nothing.

Unbeknown to me however, another welfare agency has visited, and whilst they don’t consider her state to be of concern, their impromptu appearance is enough to make the owners reconsider our offer. Suddenly my phone rings, it is my friend, the lady who has been hugely worried about this little filly. She has had a phone call! The young girl has contacted her, stating that they will sell the filly but they need her gone within 2 days or she will be sent to auction. I immediately tell her to offer our original price again and that I will look for transport ASAP. This is our chance, our one opportunity to help this pony, and we can’t let her down. I spend the next few hours sitting by the phone and computer awaiting news. At this point I have no idea if they have accepted our offer. As darkness falls my friend gets in touch, she tells me “They said yes! But we need to collect her tomorrow or she will be gone”. I immediately begin frantically searching the internet, asking everyone I know, and posting all over social media sites to try and find last minute transport. Eventually I find a kind man who is willing to do the trip for us; he agrees to meet us there the following day. I can’t sleep, I have no idea what to expect from this frightened little girl, if she will load without fuss or trouble, if she will break the fencing in a desperate bid for freedom when we unload her at the other end, I’m diving headfirst into this in the hope that it works out well, but I have to try. The following morning my friend and I are visibly buzzing with excitement and anticipation, we meet the transport man outside the traveler camp and make our way in through the gates. The young girl is waiting for us, she seems nice, but her manner is very business-like. She undoes the brace and chain from around the filly’s neck and we lead her out over the drainage culvert towards the roadside. Catching sight of her from behind her is painfully narrow, without any muscle at all on her tiny body. She eyes us all suspiciously, but loads into the trailer quietly and with ease. My friend cannot relax until she is home with us in the fields, free from the chains and harnesses and never-ending thirst to which she is accustomed. The drive home is short but takes forever, but it isn’t long before we are lowering the ramp and asking this little girl to follow us into her new home. She peers around at us all, and steps with trembling knees out onto solid ground. Her ligaments are so loose she over-flexes her hocks with each step. She has an un-natural walk, moving back and front foot on the same side together- A trait of being “hobbled” whilst learning to pace. Slowly we make our way into the paddock, where Tom Thumb, our resident minder, is awaiting his new friend. We turn her loose and my friend visibly crumples with overwhelming relief. The tense stress and worry of the last few weeks can finally give way to a new beginning. This little girl is now free, she is at Liberty.

Welcome home, “Liberty”, I hope you are happy here. 

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  1. saffron97
    Love this, really well written:)
  2. mered30
    I was highly anticipating the next chapter after part 2. And I was right.
    1. Avermal
      Im glad you enjoyed it x

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