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Round & Round & Round we goooooo
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Round & Round & Round we goooooo

Catching up a bit... 

Yesterday I started lunging Cookie after a holiday hiatus. We need to get back into the swing of things otherwise we'll get fat n lazy again. lol. So we did our lunge at the walk. I asked for more, however I got pinned ears & accepted an extended walk. I know the old adage "Don't quit till you get what you're asking for". Considering we're starting back up, I didn't want to push for more than she could safely give. Though to be honest, she probably could have given me a gallop, but that would have been quite extreme. 

Cookie has spent the Holidays getting treats from the neighbors & being spooked by the wind/rain & her dark shelter. Unbeknownce to myself, she came up with a new "plan of attack" when it comes to eating time. If I am at her shelter putting food in her manger, she is up front "keeping an eye out". When I move forward away from the shelter, she comes & eats. If I move back towards the shelter, or more than 1/2 way back, she stops eating & comes out of her shelter. This behavior I have come to find is completely normal for her. Although, I am curious to know just what she's spooking at now, compared to when she got here. While I realize when she first came home, everything was new to her. The few differences now are she didn't spook when she first went into her shelter. She actually stayed in there & ate & even hung out a bit. When I added an opening for her to see out of, she used it often checking out noises & just to look around. Dogs barked then, just as they do now but she didn't run to the front from side to side trying to "see" them, as she does now. So this has brought me to a thought. I have a storage shed that at one time was used for wood working by the previous owner. It's huge inside with a concrete floor & 2 windows with bars over them. Cookie has helped herself in there a few times now to get the little bit of hay left over from the square bales I used in the beginning to feed her. She seems to like it in there alright, though she still comes out once in a while "on alert". I'm wondering if she wouldn't feel safer in there at night, be able to sleep better & not stomp the yard for most of the night. I can't prove she's doing all that walking at night, but she seems pretty tired by mid afternoon now. I'm working on making it more safe & horse friendly for her which will take some time, but I think it might be beneficial for her in the long run. It's cooler in there in the summer & warmer in winter. For the most part, it just needs cleaned up a bit, a few more openings for air circulation & to be able to look out, stall mats & bedding. This & yardwork are on my immediate "to do" list before summer comes on strong. We'll see how far I get in the next few months. lol. 

So, back to lunging.. yesterday I didn't ask for more than an extended walk, which I got. Today I asked for a trot. Same pinned ears, with head tossing & a little jump up in the front end... but I got my trot. We transitioned from trot to walk & back again. It took much encouragement to keep it going, but we finally got it. I even got a few humped backs in the process, but she still did it. We'll continue with the walk-trot transitions & backing for at least a month to build up muscles & toning. I noticed she is having a problem with her stifle. It's nothing real serious & it doesn't appear to be causing her pain it's just popping from time to time. If it progresses in the wrong direction after a week or 2, I'll be putting a call into my vet for further instructions. I had already spoke to him about it before & he suggested walking, trotting, backing & light hill work. Well, the only "hill" I have close by is a semi deep sloping ditch so that will have to do for now. 

As for myself, I haven't weighed myself in over a month, but I'm anxious to see where I'm at with my weight. I had lost 7lbs before Christmas.... hopefully I haven't found any of those since. lol. We'll keep on keeping on & use every good weather day to our advantage. Tomorrow is suppose to be semi cloudy, but warm so we'll see how far I get with my to-do list. :) 

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