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RockStar Beddings.  Part 2--What's New?
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RockStar Beddings. Part 2--What's New?

There are lots of new beddings out there.  Perhaps one of the following could improve the air quality of your stable, shrink your manure pile and or give you more time to spend doing what you love....hanging out with your horse


Wood Pellets


  • Pellets are highly absorbent so there is less odour
  • Urine is absorbed very quickly so there is a much smaller wet spot to pick out=quicker cleaning!
  • Material does not stick to animals or people
  • Significantly lowers labour costs.
  • Less waste produced
  • Biodegradable


  • Pellets must be initially moistened to make them fluffy and they need to be kept moist
  • Use only pellets designed for horses to ensure they don't contain material or chemicals that are harmful to horses



  • Highly absorbent which means easier clean-up and less odour in the stable
  • Low dust
  • Horses do not eat it
  • A little goes a long way, once initial instillation is finished
  • Little to no chemicals are used in its production


  • May be difficult to locate a dealer
  • Very expensive to initially set up

Cardboard Bedding


  • Great for horses with alllergies: virtually dust, seed and spore free
  • Highly absorbent so that means less odour
  • Very Biodegradable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to store


  • When it gets wet, it can be very heavy to work with

Straw Pellets


  • Dust and bacteria free
  • More absorbant than baled straw
  • Once initial set up is complete very little additional bedding is needed
  • Highly biodegradable
  • Time saver---less waste to remove each day
  • Space saver---bags take up much less space than straw bales


  • I couldn't find any, so please comment if you have personal experience with this type of bedding.


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  1. HorseDiva
    Great article. I find your posts to be v ery informative and well-researched. I voted.
  2. jst4horses
    At this point my horses are all in outside pens, with mats, and the pellets add to the feeding area under the roofing. I cover them with a small amount of shavings. The muddy areas, outside the roof, I leave to themselves until good weather, then add more pellets to keep the dust down. However, I have to admit, my favorite stall is: a large rubber pad in the middle of the stall, with pellets around the edges and DEEP shavings and /or straw. It is expensive to set up, but once going, is easy to clean, but must be cleaned properly which is to clean from the dry areas, fling the bedding at the wall, the round poops roll down. Fling to a different wall each day, it assures the whole stall gets a to the ground cleaning every few days. Take the poops out. Then scrape out any wet areas, discard, then put some old bedding back in the middle, and toss the rest around, and cover with a new layer of either shavings, or straw, or both. This was preferred bedding in some of the racing barns, and gave the horses clean area to insure no fungus on feet, and nice dry bedding to lie down in. When it is kept up, it is less than a third of a bag of shavings or a flake of straw a day each day and keeps the stall really nice and comfy. One famous trainer keeps his in straw only, over a large pad in the middle. The straw is always at least one foot deep, and the doorway is deeper. It looks really nice and the horses seem to enjoy it. When properly cared for, it is only a couple of new flakes per day, but must be cleaned thoroughly every single day. I love the pellets.

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