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Riding in the Snow: Part II
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Riding in the Snow: Part II

There is always more to talk about when it comes to horses and safety. This is the continuation of a previous post about how to ride in the snow properly and what dangers to watch out for.

Slow warm-up:

If you decide your horse needs a small workout, then you need to warm-up slowly. The colder it is, the more you need to work the stiffness out of muscles/joints. Make sure your horse is warm before you ask them for a high-performance activity or you may injure them. It is also wise to stretch your horse’s legs before you get on to minimize risk. 

What you should wear:

You should wear layers upon layers to stay warm while riding. It is recommended that your attire is water resistant and insulated. I would recommend to avoid wearing a scarf because it may tangle in your tack. Instead, wear lip balm and a high collar, and a felt wind mask to avoid the cold and windburn.

When is it dangerous?

You should not ride if the snow is thick and icy or if the snowbank is too deep. If you ride in these conditions, your horse may slip and/or hurt himself.

Be careful where you ride:

Make sure you are familiar with the ground under the snow. It is vital you know this because it is inevitable that your horse will sink to the ground. I would also avoid going on steep trails in case they slip.

What your horse should wear:

Do not put anything on your horse that you would not want to get cold and wet. Synthetic western saddles are good for riding in the snow. In my opinion, the easiest way to ride is to hop on them bareback with just their blanket on. You should only do this if your horse allows you to and you trust them completely.

Happy Snowy Trails! 

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