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Riding The Brand- Planning the Route
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Riding The Brand- Planning the Route

I'm BIG on planning. I love checking trails out, making lists of equipment and food. This is going to test my skills, courage, determination and self preservation. I am a simple person. I keep everything in my life simple because while Einstein was a cool dude, I'm not him. I don't think we have to know just why x=y in a mumble of letters and numbers equations, besides... I'm not going to be a rocket scientist and even then simple words can describe how to build whatever it is that you decide to build. Give me the tools, materials and either YouTube or first hand experience and I'm good to go. 

A few things I have going for me is I have been camping for extended periods before. I know how to tie various knots if needed and I can pack a bag with more stuff than anyone ever would have imagined. I've made several trips across the states, although by plane or bus and I have had to pack enough clothes and emergency items to last nearly a month. 

Deciding what will be needed and what "might" be needed is essential. Only necessary items will be taken. By making a list of these items I can then determine just how much it will all weigh. I don't plan on overpacking my horses on this trip because I don't want the pack horses to be worn out from carrying too much stuff. They'll be used when they aren't packing for riding. 

I'm also making lists of campgrounds who accept horses in various different towns and cities. I'll also check with several Facebook groups I'm in to see how many of my trail friends I could stay with along the way. I know at some point along this journey I'll want to take some time off to let the horses rest, relax and recuperate. I'll need to find someone willing to take us in for at least a week or 2. 

I will begin a fact finding list for the horses also so the folks I share with along the way will be well informed and given the opportunity to help by adopting a wild horse along the way. If more folks see these horses in action, the more informed they are, the more willing they will be to give them a chance and take them in. 

So far, I have varied my route several times in trying to choose the best way of going possible. I know I won't always be able to avoid main highways, though the least amount of time near/on them will be better. Backroads, over mountains and through the valley's is what I'm shooting for. 

I may be a dreamer, but I'm also a realist. I know my limits and I know they will be tested. The horses will be tested too and I know in my heart of hearts they will prevail through whatever they're brought to because being wild, they've had to survive on next to nothing sometimes. 

Right now, I'm working on places to stay in Nevada. So far I've come up with a couple of campgrounds and of course in the middle of the 2, nothing. Simply because there's nothing between the 2 except some hills, a main highway and lots of sagebrush. lol There is a point of interest and a Forest Service Maintenance Road which might prove helpful. 

Another thing to take into consideration is talking to people who manage State and Federal lands to see if there are any permits or special permissions needed to stay on their land and if there are any restrictions in regards to campfires. 

I'm looking into companies that have individually packed foods that can be easily packed and used instead of bulky heavy cans. Also camping equipment that can be folded down and are lightweight. A camera of some kind will be a must to document each step of the way from getting the horses, to training, to places we stay on the journey. I'll also have some paper and pens to do a daily journal in. (Hopefully I don't flake out on it and not write something every day) I have been known to do that. lol! 

It will be great to get back to nature again. I think we spend far too much time in concrete jungles and follow the crowds to whatever is popular. These natural things we have around us are taken for granted and I have a feeling someday they will no longer be free or available for us to enjoy. What better way than on horseback with horses that will probably know the way better than we do. 

For now, I'll get back to planning my routes and re-routes, make my lists of foods, friends and campgrounds. I'll do my best to keep y'all informed along the planning process of both successful things and unsuccessful things so when you plan your trips on horseback maybe these lists will prove helpful for you. 


*Note* Update on Cookie. She is doing quite well, fat, happy and sassy as I haven't been able to work or ride her due to the weather the past several days. When we do get another cool down you can bet it's back to work! When I do make this trip, whenever it may be, I'll arrange for Cookie to be out to pasture while I'm gone. I know she'll love that. :) 


Thank you for checking out my blogs. I appreciate all votes and comments. If you have any suggestions of places to stay or even people who might be willing to put us up for a night or so, that would be wonderful. Thank you! 

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