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Revealed: Well-known Supplement May Help To Alleviate Inflammation, Lameness and Stiffness In Old Horses
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Revealed: Well-known Supplement May Help To Alleviate Inflammation, Lameness and Stiffness In Old Horses

Among equestrians, it is almost a universally accepted fact that a top-quality equine schoolmaster is worth its weight in gold. Their maturity and extensive experience mean that they are worthwhile competitive partners, trustworthy teachers and the indisputable favorites in the barn.

Unfortunately, by the time a horse is between 15 and 20 years old, the natural aging process has already set in. This makes them susceptible to lameness and stiffness because of the development of arthritis.

However, veteran horse owners might have something to smile about. According to recent findings from a research study, a well-known supplement containing hyaluronic acid and resveratrol that is known as Equithrive Joint seems to have anti-inflammatory effects and has the potential to lower the levels of glucose in aging horses.

According to Mary U. Ememe, a veterinarian at the Ahmadu Bello University’s Department of Veterinary Medicine based in Zaria, Nigeria, the supplement minimizes inflammation, and it possesses antioxidant properties. This makes it capable of reducing muscle leakage brought about by oxidative stress in horses.

Oxidative stress is a condition that is attributed to the presence of free radicals in the body. These free radicals are produced by the process of normal metabolism and also environmental pressures from various sources such as radiation, airborne toxins, exercise, medicines, water, and food. As a horse grows old, his body's ability to build defenses against antioxidants decreases. The result is that the horse finds it much more difficult to deal with oxidative stress over the course of time.

Ememe added that the anti-inflammatory properties of this kind of supplement make up for the inability of an aging horse to deal with oxidative stress. After examining the blood samples, it was found that the supplement reduced the amount of the serum known as creatine kinase (or CK).

Before the supplement was given, the team collected blood samples of horses’ blood, and again this was done weekly during the course of the experiment. There was a reduction in the creatine kinase values, indicating that the supplement had anti-oxidative properties

Ememe and her team also observed that the supplements seemed to reduce the levels of serum glucose. When they collected blood samples from sixteen horses whose ages ranged from 15 to 22 years, they noted that the horses that were taking the supplement had lower levels of creatine kinase (this is an enzyme that is often used in the diagnosis and evaluation of muscle damage) and glucose concentrations when compared to the horses that were being given a 'control’ supplement.

Ememe pointed out that a reduction in the concentration of glucose in the horses that were given the supplement indicates that the supplement had anti-hyperglycemic properties since resveratrol boosts the process of transportation of glucose to the body's skeletal muscles.

In their conclusion, Ememe and her colleagues noted that further research is needed to ascertain whether these effects are permanent or if longer periods of treatment and higher doses of the supplement are needed in order to ensure success in the long-term.

The research study was published in the Journal of Equine Science.

Image credit: pixabay.com

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  1. Luisa Stranska
    Luisa Stranska
    Commercial ... yea both of this two powders are good in some things, but for example resveatrol can be danger too... not much... but is. L carnitine creates itself correctly, the important thing is the condition when the horse has what she needs adequately, unfortunately, the recommended amount is wrong and contradictory the laws synergies etc. (more of this substance prevents the absorption of another, etc.) satisfy the necessary building, supporting, provisioning, recovery, ensuring correct operation has been of vital functions.

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