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Retired Horses Find New Homes
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Retired Horses Find New Homes

Imagine serving your country with dignity and loyalty. Doesn’t it fill you with pride and satisfaction? Now suppose if you are to retire wouldn’t you expect something in return. Perhaps an honor or simply a gesture of good will?

Quincy’s Tale

Retired military horse Quincy, served the army till a navicular disease crippled him. Quincy was once a regular at funerals at an army cemetery.

It was difficult for Quincy to keep serving his country. As a result, it was decided that he would be put for adoption.  Many applications poured in from all over. After all, people were willing to provide the love and warmth which a retired veteran like Quincy deserved.

According to First Lieutenant, Austin Hatch, more than 25 people wanted to adopt Quincy. A committee was formed which toured the different homes and chose one which would be able to provide him with the very best.

Arlington wanted to make sure that Quincy got to the right home because he had done his duty and served the army well.

Out of the people who wanted Quincy to come and live with them, he was awarded to Sean Sutton and Kristen Whittaker. The veteran and his wife hope to provide a comforting and loving home for Quincy.

A Comforting home

Quincy’s new home is a state of the art ranch located in Massachusetts filled with every luxury which a horse can get. It includes the followingL

1. A cozy and warm barn during winters

2. Fly spraying to cool him down during summers

3. A padded stall where he can rest in comfort

Kennedy’s Story

At the same time when Quincy was going through the adoption process, Kennedy, a caisson horse, was looking for a home as well. Though the reason for Quincy’s retirement was medical, Kennedy had discipline issues.

The dilemma was to look for the right owner who could help Kennedy and love him into submission. Carroll Urzendowski volunteered to adopt him.

Formerly Urzendowski worked at the same place as Quincy. He now serves as a Sergeant FC.  He lives at a ranch in Texas which sprawls more than 85 acres, accompanied by his partner and children.

After hearing about Kennedy’s plight, the family ensured that he could come and live with them on their huge ranch. According to the new owner, Kennedy would receive the attention and warmth which he deserves. In fact, it would almost be like caring for a child.

The two of them are a sight to behold, the wayward Kennedy and the ever patient Urzendowski. He chides him softly, petting him all the while. It’s a sight which warms your heart.

A truly fairy tale ending for both these beautiful creatures!

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