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Resolving Conflict for a Better Business
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Resolving Conflict for a Better Business

Running a successful and progressive business has never been an easy task. The multiple factors driving the success of a business are so intertwined that if you neglect even one of them, the whole setup can be adversely affected.

Dental Surgeon Bethany Piziks-Gareiss, who is now one of Equine Gestalt Coaching Method’s certified practitioners, has laid down some tips that anyone can follow for the development of a successful dental, or any other, practice. According to Bethany, knowing how to resolve conflict positively can lead to a much better practice for you.

Conflict among Employees Can be good or bad

According to a study in 2008, as much as three hours every week are spent by US employees in dealing with conflict. Many of these employees are also found to be taking days off from work or getting sick due to conflict with other members of their offices.

However, many experts are of the opinion that conflict can be turned into a positive thing as well. Conflict can be used in a positive way to boost creative energy and to help bring different teams together.

It Starts from the Top

Of course, if you hope to resolve conflict in a positive way for a better practice, you need to first be able to deal with conflict positively yourself. According to the study mentioned above, one of the biggest causes of conflict at the workplace is the difference in personalities of the employees. It is, therefore, the leader’s job to know how to assess the different people in their office to work out how to team them up for most efficient results.

Learning from Horses

According to Bethany, leaders can learn a great deal about how to manage conflict in their office by working with horses. Equine-human relationships have long been useful in various aspects of life, perhaps the most obvious one being equine therapy. However, in the case of conflict management, Bethany says that working with a majestic beast like the horse can help bring your employees’ emotions under control. Being around horses also leads to lower stress levels, which is one of the main reasons for conflict among people.

If you decide to hold some team activities for your employees with equine coaches, it can lead to the surfacing of hidden and toxic feelings that people might have for one another. This can, therefore, create clarifications among people and help clear the air. Horses are also great at analyzing and reacting to any negative energy around them, which can inspire colleagues to set aside their differences and work together.

Bethany, who was a dentist before she started working with horses, knows all too well how much working with horses can help teams be more productive. People can learn how to resolve their conflicts in a better way through these kind of exercises, leading to a better business practice for you. So instead of adding more stress to your life than you already have to deal with, try having your employees work with horses for some team-building exercises and it might just be what you need to improve things at the office.

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