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Rescued Slaughterhouse Horse Springs a Surprise
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Rescued Slaughterhouse Horse Springs a Surprise

It’s already a common knowledge, as much as it is a painful reality, that a lot of sick or old horses are auctioned out to slaughterhouses across North America. Once lived as heroes and heroines and making fortune for their owners, these poor horses end up waiting to become hamburger meats. Some of them get lucky and get rescued by philanthropic organizations such as, PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) or GPR (Glendale Pony Rescue). Recently, the GPR rescue team has bought a skinny and apparently abused horse that would otherwise have ended up in a slaughterhouse to be killed; after a few months passed, the rescued slaughterhouse horse springs a surprise to her volunteers.

Her name is Nori and at the peak of her career, she was a polo horse; not much is known about what really happened to her. However, there are marks of physical abuse on her body and she was very pale at the time of the auction at Mira Loma. The volunteers of Glendale Pony Rescue have been taking care of Nori for the past two months so that she recovers from her illness, gets back in good health. Much to their surprise, they were able to find out that Nori is pregnant. It is, at this point, irrelevant to find out how she got impregnated; more important would be to provide proper care for the horse so that she is able to deliver a pony in good health.

Officials at GPR are trying to trace the original owner of Nori so that they can obtain (a record of) her medical history; it is important to find out whether this horse has any medical condition that can make pregnancy even more complicated. The news of Nori’s pregnancy from Glendale was first made public through KTLA 5 news on August 14, 2014. It is indeed a good news; whereas her fate was apparently sealed for becoming hamburger meat together with the pony in her womb, she is seemingly recovering from the nightmare and is about to give birth to a lovely pony instead.

That is the story of one lucky mother horse. But who knows how many such mother horses are being slaughtered together with their babies that are being dispatched from the auction houses? It is unlikely that the auctioneers go through any medical procedure to find out whether the female horses at their disposal are, by any chance, pregnant. Would they really care even if they find out that a certain horse is pregnant? Most probably, they wouldn’t; and that is why, it would be a good idea for the rescue teams to be equipped with means of testing pregnancy of female horses.

A pregnant horse rescued from being slaughtered is actually two horses being saved from becoming hamburger meat; if the mother is killed, the (to be born) child has no chance of survival either. Thus, as much as Nori’s pregnancy is a surprise, it is even more of a lesson for the rescuers that, hopefully, would guide them in their future endeavors of saving horses, especially, female horses.



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  1. naturegirl
    This is definitely a story of hope. I wish the baby and mother good health. I voted for you!

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