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Rescue Us

The Pony Bloggers (Gucci, Sweetsie and Leggs) are here to discuss a serious topic with our “Of Horse” audience. There are so many unwanted horses that need loving forever homes. Unfortunately we are not just talking about horses in rescue operations due to neglect and mistreatment.

So many horse owners are abandoning their equine companions. Most are blaming the economy, but the Pony Bloggers are seeing something else also. Horses being traded or donated to rescues or auctions are those that do not meet the owner’s expectations. It’s sad to put in print, but honestly, these horses are just not winning enough, calm enough, fast enough, etc.

It's an easy fix folks; be sure you are matched up correctly from the beginning. Stop buying on impulse. Be honest regarding your riding skills and know what your goals are FIRST! Know that horse ownership is within your budget. If you can’t afford gas for your car, don’t think about owning a horse. The fact is horses cost money every day, and if you can’t provide the necessary funds, it will end in disaster for that horse.

There is no shame in riding within your means. Be responsible first and be reasonable. If your goal is to run barrels, don’t buy a horse that doesn’t run. This many sound simple and obvious but the Pony Bloggers have seen it happen dozens of times. Also be sure your skill set is good enough for the horse you have chosen. Timid riders especially need to be certain that they are matched with correct mount. So many of these horses end up being forsaken because the owner is not confident or skilled enough to handle such a mount. Older horses are the best teachers for such riders.

Stay away from unbroken and barely broke please. Qualified trainers can handle broke and unbroken not amateurs and especially not beginners. Again, this is obvious, but it happens quite often and always ends badly for that young horse.

The Pony Bloggers understand that horses get older and my sustain career ending injuries. However, we can reduce the number of unwanted horses by responsible ownership and responsible breeding.

Disclaimer: Of Horse! and sponsors do not endorse nor validate the accuracy of a blog post. Each article is the opinion of the blogger.

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