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Remember Me - Past Life with my horse
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Remember Me - Past Life with my horse

Before you read this I want to say that I am a healer; a shamanic soul journey specialist, reiki master, animal communicator and equine therapist. I am into a lot of strange things and so my stories always have an interesting edge. Only read if you have an open mind and a kind soul!

I knew there was something special about Ebony when I first set eyes on her; there is just something that pulls inside you when you are meant to be with a horse and even though she was 16.2 of gangly, unbalanced horse; she just tugged away at my heart and seven years ago she came to live with me.

Ebony is the most gentle of horses, standing on her own feet rather than stepping on yours; she was honest and true as they come. She did not like being ridden though and it always made her nervous and she went into a sort of panic. I knew this was not like her and felt there was something more to it but I could not work it out.

Now I meet a lot of different people and I have a very open mind; I think it's the only way you are going to learn something new; but at the same time I like to think I am pretty grounded and for the most part sane!

I met a lady who did psychic readings and she offered to do a past life regression with me. Fascinated I went along and allowed her to take me back into my mind and explore any memories that may be there about lives I had lived before this one.

What I discovered was amazing; Ebony my beautiful bay mare had shared a lifetime with me in Germany and she had been a prize mare who had bred lots of foals. I had loved her in that lifetime as much as I do in this one but we were in a terrible accident when out riding one day and we slipped down a ravine; Ebony landing on me had broken her spine and died instantly. I was trapped under her with a shattered pelvis for two days before I passed away in agony.

The memory came back to me so strongly I had tears rolling down my face and felt so guilty that I had ridden her so close to the ridge. Even now five years since I first travelled in my mind to that life I still feel bad when I think about it and what happened to her.

Recently I met a lady who since knowing me has found the horses are now trying to communicate with her; she says I am turning her into a crazy lady! I had not told her about the past life with Ebony and she called me up the other day and said that Ebony had kept popping into her head all morning until she finally stopped her car and allowed whatever it was to come to her from Ebony.

This lady called me and asked me why Ebony was showing her a picture of a past life and I explained that we had shared one that I knew of but I did not tell the lady anymore then that. She went on to say that Ebony wanted to make sure I didn't blame her for us both dying in that lifetime because she had slipped landing on my pelvis and causing me to die!

Since she managed to communicate through this lady Ebony has become much more relaxed in her riding and has even started being taught how to carry an adult and a child for the equine therapy I do with my horses.

At times the things that happen around me still shock me but so much happens all the time and I get information verified through so many people and different sources, that I know there is something in all. 

I know for me and Ebony, us remembering that lifetime has changed our story in this one; making it better; so that is all that counts in the end.


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  1. naturegirl
    Have you ever tried communicating like this with her directly? It does sound crazy, but I had such a contact with my cat. She understood when I talked to her. I mean, even without changing my tone of voice or body language, she would express different emotions through her eyes depending on what I was saying. I know she was just thinking 'if only I could reply in her own language!'. I believe in reincarnation also - and karma. voted. Stop by my new article when you have the chance. Thanks!
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      Hi thanks for your comment. When I connect with animals they share their feelings but I don't always get a direct conversation like my friend did; I get pictures and they also show me their pain so I can heal them. Now and again I get the direct telepathic conversation but my main technique is definitely through feelings and images and I think because the trauma was so much in that life Ebony wanted my friend to help clear it with us. She likes to share! Thanks for sharing and I will check out your article. x
  2. jst4horses
    I too am a healer, use horse reike, and am taking horse and human classes at our church from a doctor, who is also a healer. I keep an open mind. However, I often find people with horses who have issues are easy targets for people who are not all they represent themselves to be. I am Native American and actually do believe all is part of everything, and it is possible people and animals can reconfigure parts of their past, but I am to tell the truth not too sure about it. I also am an equine therapist, and find many of the children and other riders communicate in many ways with the horses. Some of the horses have a special inner ability with children, others with women, or soldiers, or women soldiers. However, I am somewhat wary of people who attempt to use these techniques when a good natural horsemanship trainer might "cure" your horse and leave it safer on all levels, for herself and you. I recently had a friend, another healer, work with a horse that has been really flighty for some years. His owner(s) have never been able to calm him down. The healer and his own trainer did join up with him, and in one half hour that horse is a new horse. He no longer rushes the gates, no longer knocks people down. The healer was walking him back to his stall, he was walking too fast, not excited and horrible as he used to be, but fast. She said "I am old, not like your trainer, SLOW DOWN" and he did.! Just be careful out there.

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