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Reiki for Horses
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Reiki for Horses

Have you ever considered holistic care for your horse? As a matter of fact, there are several options available to treat your animals – not just horses! One of them, however, is called Reiki and can be used on any animal, whether human or not.

Reiki is a philosophy. This Tibetan art dates back a millennium. It was rediscovered by at the beginning of the 20th century by Mikao Usui, a Japanese man.

What is Reiki? This term is Japanese and means universal life energy, or the vital force that is present in every living thing. It can be found in every atom, in both flora and fauna, in human beings, the sky and the air. It is called Qi by the Chinese, light by the Christians, Prana by the Hindus, Bioplasma by the Russians and bioenergy by scientists. It is what keeps us alive.

Reiki is therefore a holistic form of therapy that treats the energy of one’s body. It can be used alone or as a complement to any type of classic allopathic treatment. It can reinforce it as well as alleviate any secondary effects it may have. It acts on every aspect of the being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It helps the body find its way back to its natural state.

Although this is a very spiritual form of healing, Reiki is not linked to one specific religion. Plus, even if you doubt that it may work, its benefits will still work their way into your body.

Reiki practitioners never prescribe medication, nor do they perform a diagnosis. Their work consists of transmitting the universal energy to the patient by putting their hands on different spots on the patient’s body, on the chakras or on the affected areas. If this form of healing is chosen for your horse, it will harmonize its personal energy with the one from the universe. This energy that comes from the universe will work by itself –practitioners do not guide it. It flows to the spot where it is needed.

Horses generally adore Reiki since it is gentle, non-intrusive and usually produces efficient and powerful results. Plus, horses’ natural sensitivity makes them particularly receptive to the energy’s healing powers. Just like humans, horses’ main health issues, such as tics, ulcers, lack of energy and digestive problems, are typically linked to stress and emotional turmoil. Reiki helps to relieve tension and calms the body.

The benefits of Reiki are multiple. For one, it accelerates the body’s natural healing process, such as scarring, healing inflammations, bites, colic, allergies, muscle problems, articulations, teeth, dehydration, and breathing problems. It helps clear toxins and natural poisons from the system and reinforces the immune system. It helps alleviate moral and physical suffering and reduces the chances of developing arthritis or any other form of illness associated with aging. It decreases fever as well as increases appetite. It can help relax or recuperate after an exhausting physical performance. It reduces anxiety, stress and depression as well as increases self-confidence. It can help get over a surgery. It can also support different forms of transitions, such as castration, change of home, competitions and visits to the vet. And finally, it adds both flexibility and concentration for shows or training.

The benefits for both humans and horses are many and definitely worth it!

Photo credit: flickr.com

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