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Rehabilitation for Therapy
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Rehabilitation for Therapy

To date, there are over 7000 equines in the UK that are in trouble, be it from abuse or from neglect. The number is big and we are facing a horse welfare crisis. This picture is the same in many other countries with people asking again and again; what can we do about it?

Whilst there are many options that are available, one of the exciting growth areas in equine interests is equine therapy or equine assisted learning. This is a non ridden or ridden way of working with horses that not only help a wide range of people but also give horses a new role and purpose in this time when they are being forgotten about.

By creating a new purpose for our equine friend,s we are only helping many people but also enable people to engage with horses whose paths would not normally cross. This means that many more people can and will become engaged with horses and realize that horses are not just for people using them for pleasure. 

Horses many years ago were seen as an essential part of life, from farming fields to horses pulling canal boats; they were the working mans friend and an essential on the battle field. Whilst I would not want to see our equine partners going into battle again, it is a sad fact that now many more people are purely using horses for pleasure and this shift has meant that some horses are just being viewed as surplus to requirements or are thrown away if they don't come up to scratch for that particular pleasure pursuit.

Equine Therapy or Equine Assisted Learning often makes use of horses that cannot be ridden and offers a new a diverse way of working with horses that brings them into contact with a wide range of people and gives them an incredible role that many horses clearly love doing.

I am lucky enough to be involved with the rehabilitation of horses to provide therapy as well as being involved in the therapy process itself. The horses that we work with are accessed and their interests and likes are worked on so that we create sessions that are unique to that horses personality. This means that when people come to interact with the horses they will be working with an engaged and interested horse who is loving the work that they do.

This very personal way of working also allows the people to be matched to the horse that is going to have the best connection with them and to support them in the most positive way.

If we could extend the interest in equine therapy we extend the amount of horses that we can save from being lost of forgotten as well as improving human lives. For me this is a great answer to the problem facing horses futures. 


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  1. SandyJudy
    The authors of HeartMath proved the healing aura surrounding an animal's body can improve the bioenergetic performance of a human's immune system! And horse's have big auras!
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      That is incredible! I love hearing things like that because it proves what you know in your heart and what I witness all the time. Thank you for posting that. A
  2. bvlodge
    Hi, I have just joined Of Horse last night so I can hopefully speak to like minded people who can help me expand on the subject of helping my horses heal! A search on dowsing horses lead me here and I am very excited to find you guys as there is very little about this type of work with horses, I would absolutely love to hear about how you help your horses heal by reactivating their Chakras (I was taught to drain the heart chakra of my horse by an old healer years ago which was my introduction to a pendulum) it made a instant improvement to the horses that had come to us with emotional issues and this fascinates me still so I am busting to learn more but very little on offer here in NZ? I did go overseas to learn Reconnective Healing and have used this with our horses, I would love to learn how to identify and restore the horses bioenergetics fields if this is poss? I have many horses come to us the have shut down due to trauma and anything I can learn to make their lives better would be gratefully appreciated! Joanne Canterbury New Zealand :-)
    1. Andreana Dorrs
      Andreana Dorrs
      Hi Joanne. Lovely to hear from you. It is absolutely possible to restore the horses bioenergetic field and over the years I have taught my horses to be able to use their field with others and thus become healers in their own right. I have worked in this way for over ten years with my heard and I work with horses who have become shut down. Learning about Chakra healing, balancing and aura work has made such a difference to the horses I have had the pleasure of working with. I teach Reiki, both for personal and professional use. I have done this distantly before so if you would like me to work with you then let me know and I can give you my email. My website if you would like to look is www.totemanimals.co.uk
      1. bvlodge
        Awesome Awesome! Thank you so much! I will be in touch! I have loved reading your wonderful article's here so I am feeling so blessed to have made contact! X
        1. Andreana Dorrs
          Andreana Dorrs
          Bless you x

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