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Rehabilitation Comes at a Price
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Rehabilitation Comes at a Price

Nowadays it is so hard to trust anyone, especially rescues. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are 501C organizations, or private rescues. Every time you turn around, there is another organization going under for reasons of neglect, cruelty, or even death of the animals in their care. It is a constant battle to figure out who is actually doing what they say they are going to do and who you should support.

I can say that being a “private” rescue with no outside funding is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I stress daily on how to make ends meet, what horses to save, and how I am going to place the ones that I do have. Most of us end up with horses that are older, injured, or unadoptable for one reason or another. And we struggle all the same. You should really consider using this holiday season to sponsor a horse, or donate to a rescue. It does not matter if they are 501C or private, as long as you have done your research and feel it's deemed necessary. If you are able and willing, it is a wonderful way to give back. People involved in running rescue organizations often put ourselves, our family, and other necessities aside to help the horses in our care.

I personally have ten horses. All but two are rescues!  And I get calls almost daily to help others, and because of lack of consistent help, I have to turn these horses down. It breaks my heart. Each horse costs approximately $100-$175 a month for feed and hay alone. That does not include vet bills, fuel to go pick up these horses, and the time involved in the rehab.  I am a single mom, working two part time jobs and going to school full time to try and make things better. I would not change what I do or where I am for anything in the world but I will tell you, it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I do not think that people who rescue actually choose to do this. I think we are chosen. Rescue is not for everyone, and I think the big misconception is that we make money when we place our horses, when in fact we come out horribly upside down almost every time. Our interest is not in making money. It is in helping these wonderful creatures have a second chance at life. We choose to take what has been thrown away and make its life as good as possible. Anyone who is considering rescue as an outlet to make money, you are in the wrong place. You should look at it as a project to help your soul and the soul of a thrown-away life.

Most rescue horses come in to organizations and private people in deplorable condition. Many are nearly dead and barely hanging on to life. Some may look decent on the outside but have been abused or beaten to the point where they are just broken. Brokenhearted with broken souls. It is our job as a rescue worker to try our best to bring these horses back to good health mentally and physically. Bringing them back to health is usually much easier than trying to convince them that you are not going to hurt them. It takes tons of patients and good horse sense to bring an abused horse back to earth. Sometimes it is only short time needed to earn their trust back. Sometimes it takes months or years to rehabilitate them.

Just remember through this holiday season to think about the those who go without, so that our rescue horses do not. Check out your local rescues and see where you may be able to help, even if it is volunteering your time. It is all appreciated. Please feel free to check out my Facebook page and all my rescue albums. My page is public! Thanks again for reading and voting! Happy Holidays!

The mare in the picture is Red(Mango), here is the link to her Album!



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  1. SecondChanceFarmWV
    I cant even begin to tell you how much I love this post..I also run a private rescue and my heart hurts everytime I see another 'rescue" benefitting from the torn soul of a horse. We have a local "rescue" that loves posting pics of 200+ pound people taking riding on her starved rescue horses as a fund raiser. Every horse on my farm is a rescue but one, and she was headed to a very place bc of her dominant personality. Wish there were more out there like you that promoted helping true rescues, even if not 501c based on their history and reputation not their tax status.. It never gets easier, I am also a mom of 2, I train from home for some of the money to support these guys and will always be involved..the hardest is having to turn them away, knowing that you dont have the funds, space, etc to help that horse. Happy New Year to you and yours, hope this year brings you the support you deserve <3

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