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Random Tips and Tricks for Horse Riding
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Random Tips and Tricks for Horse Riding

Horse riding is not as easy as it seems. Unless you’re trained and have enough practice on the back of a horse, you are always at the risk of falling and breaking your neck. Every good horse rider knows not to get too over confident at the beginning and to take things slow. That said, whether you are a new rider or an old one, here are some random pro tips that will be very helpful.

Sitting across an animal is not as easy as it looks; oftentimes it can get very uncomfortable and painful. However, that comfort has more to do with the outfit that you wear than with the horse. And so, wear an extra layer underneath your riding pants as such as panty hose or tights to reduce the chafing, and remember, never wear freshly starched or new jeans for a riding habit, the seams of such pants can be extremely uncomfortable atop a horse.

You always have to treat a horse with utmost care; they are animals after all, and very sensitive ones at that. While on horseback, the rider is always instructed to stay alert and focused, as the most innocent thing can seem like a threat to the horse. You have to be confident to have your horse trust you, as they are very insecure creatures and will look to you for guidance when things get difficult.

Horse riding is not just about riding on horseback; it’s an entire experience. You will be in charge of saddling and grooming your horse every day, and this will help build a connection between you and your horse. Don’t worry, the guides will instruct and help you along the process. You need to have faith in your horse and your horse needs to have faith in you in order to make the entire journey smoother.

Trust your instincts! If your instincts yell at you to get off the horse, do it! Some accidents are inevitable. However, you should always let your instincts guide you while on a horse. Sometimes it’s just best to get off a horse when your instincts start flashing red, as there is a very good possibility that you are about to get thrown off.

Written by Taufiq Haque of Babbling Ink “Outsourcing Professionals United”

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