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Raising Sonny
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Raising Sonny

Just when I felt comfortable and confident with the knowledge I had caring for horses on a daily basis on my farm, along came a foal named "Sonny Golden Boy," an American quarter horse colt. But this story doesn't start with Sonny; it starts with Annabelle. Annabelle is my extraordinary quarter horse mare. She is very smart and gentle and has the perfect stocky build. After becoming very attached to her, I decided to breed her to have a foal that could carry on her legacy.  

I purchased a nice qh stallion from a local horseman, knowing this was the perfect match. I decided to do natural pasture breeding, which went better than I could have ever hoped for. Neither the mare or stallion had ever bred at this time, so not only was this my first foal, but also theirs. As anyone with who has experienced the breeding process, the next few months took a lot of patience.

Things were going well until the Annabelle got an upper respiratory infection along with pink eye. With the help of our local vet and some medications, we got the mare through it. While she was sick though, she had lost quite a bit of weight which soon caused more concern. A couple months later, we were expecting the mare to foal at anytime. However, we were in for a surprise, because this wonderful mare had decided to carry a full 4 weeks longer than normal gestation. This was quiet normal seeing as she was a maiden mare. 

On April 20th, I noticed that Annabelle's water sac was hanging out, and that's when I really began to wonder if I was ready for this. Well, too late to panic. I wrongfully assumed she would lie down to foal with peace and quiet. Instead, she decided to stand for the entire birth. We noticed she would contract with no luck. We sound found that this was because the foal was tangled up with his head turned. I reached in to re-position his little head, and he bit my finger (still in the womb)..which is kind of hilarious now. Moments later we were able to pull him out and it was at that moment the I realized I had been graced with a beautiful long legged Golden Palamino colt.

I will never forget the experience of the breeding process: the worries, the loss of sleep, or those beautiful clumsy first steps Sonny took that day. Was I ready? Absolutely not, but what better than the experience.. Till next time, I'll be raising Sonny..


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  1. Su Zi
    Su Zi
    Ironically, I have a QH palomino, a rescue, who came with the name Sonny
    1. gypsy farm
      gypsy farm
      Aw...that is ironic...palaminos are so beautiful...of course all horses are..

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