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Quiz: Do You Know How to Handle Colic?
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Quiz: Do You Know How to Handle Colic?

Colic is one of the most common reasons horse owners have to call the vet. A horse with abdominal pain should be taken seriously. From the outside, we have no idea how bad it is. It can be as simple as gas colic or a small impaction in the bowel to a twisted intestine. Bottom line: colic is serious business. Find out here if you know how to handle it.

1. What is a classic sign of a horse with colic?

a. whinnying

b. rolling

c. limping

d. eating more than usual


2. Is it okay for a colicky horse to lay down?

a. Yes, for short periods of time if he isn't thrashing around

b. No, get him up right away

c. Call the vet and ask

d. It's better for them to be up and walking


3. True or False? You should let your horse eat grain and hay if he has colic.

a. true

b. false


4. How do you check your horse's hydration?

a. pinch the skin and see how long it stays "tented up." If hydrated, it should return to a flat position quickly.

b. First, look in the stall water bucket, then check the water trough in the field

c. There is really no way to check a horse's hydration

d. press on his gum and see how long it takes for the color to return to normal


5. True or False? You should give your horse any pain medication that you have on hand.

a. true 

b. false


6. True or False? If your horse is showing signs of colic, you should leave him out in the field.

a. true

b. false


7. What is one of the best things you can do to help a colicky horse?

a. feed him a lot of treats

b. keep him walking if you can

c. put a blanket on him

d. keep him as still as possible


8. The vet will often give this common medication once they have determined the horses colic is not a dangerous one...

a. phenylbutazone

b. smz 

c. doxycycline

d. Banamine


9. True or False? Surgery, though expensive, is often an option for bad impactions or twist type colics.

a. true

b. false


10. If you think your horse is showing signs of colic, will the vet need to come out and check him immediately?

a. Depends on the severity of the symptoms

b. No, you can handle it on your own

c. If your horse is showing signs of colic, it is too late to do anything about it

d. Yes, if your horse is showing colic signs, that is not something you can handle on your own


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