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Proper Care for a Hoof Abscess
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Proper Care for a Hoof Abscess

Hi everyone, my name is Gucci and I am a seven-year-old quarter horse mare. I love to jump and ride cross-country. Unfortunately, I am extremely prone to hoof abscesses. Fortunately, my person knows just what to do for me and I am going to fill you in on her treatment plan for me so that I may help my other equine friends who suffer from them also. First and foremost, make sure the person knows your normal hoof pulse. Many times early detection is the key. Since I am so prone to them my person knows right away if something is brewing. Second, always have on hand the following: A pan for soaking (flat feed tubs work well-LABEL for hoof ailments ONLY). Epsom Salts, hoof poultice (Animalintex pads work great), and vet wrap. Including all of these items in your vet kit is highly recommended. You may also want to have on hand a first aid boot that slips over the hoof. Bell boots are great also. Now for the process-if symptoms show an abscess is brewing soak the foot first in warm water placed in the flat tub mixed with plenty of Epsom salts. Soak for at least 20 minutes twice a day! My person does it in the am and then turns me out. She soaks it again in the evening and then she wraps my hoof. First she puts poultice inside (I like this part it feels so good). She uses the pads already to go called Animlintex pads, then she puts vet wrap all around it and places the hoof boot over my hoof. Last, but not least, she places the bell boots on me (I like my orange ones). My person usually wraps it for one to two nights. Then POP goes my abscess and I feel so good! This treatment plan keeps me happy and healthy and my hope is it does the same for all my equine friends out there who suffer from an abscess.

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