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Prepping the New Stall
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Prepping the New Stall

I have decided to prep a storage building-turned wood working shop into a new stall for Cookie. The only thing I was able to accomplish today was getting the floor swept only because I had other things to take care of. That in itself was quite a job. The new stall has a cement floor, which makes it easier to clean. The next part is to take down a few shelves & knock down some cob webs. 

I have read a lot of articles about barns-stalls & how they can be stuffy with little air circulation. This new stall has 2 windows in it that are open with bars over them. I'm thinking of adding another window or 2. The question remains, Will it help or hurt? It would improve air circulation, but to what extent? Will it just be drafty then? Will it provide enough light & visual ability? Am I just wasting my time?  I won't be able to fully answer those questions until I get it done. Cookie likes going in there on her own & checking the place out. I don't think she cares for the cement flooring, but I will add some stall mats & bedding to make it more comfy. I want her to feel safe in there as well as relaxed & she is for the most part. I think it would help to add the other windows & put tight woven screen across them. 

Today was a somewhat nasty day so we didn't do any work, but tomorrow is suppose to be warm & partly sunny so we'll see how that goes. 

I'm also going to check out some Jolly Balls & see if she'll play with one. I really want to prevent her from becoming bored from lack of work/walking. I'm also looking into some cavaletti poles to help strengthen back & ab muscles. All things in due time... for now I'll concentrate on what we can do, continue with the stall & walk, walk walk! :) 

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