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Pregnant and Rescued
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Pregnant and Rescued

Horses are some of the most beloved animals in the world. They not only provide people with many advantages, but also share a deep bond with them. That is the reason why people love to be around horses so much and connect with them on a spiritual level.

It is due to this special bond that horses are being used today for equine therapy. They help human beings cope with certain situations in their lives and offer companionship that not many other animals can.

However, the sad truth is that thousands of horses are sent off to be slaughtered every year. Such horses are usually injured, cannot race anymore, or are pregnant. But there are many people who have dedicated their lives to save such horses from slaughter and to offer them a second chance at life. Such an example has recently surfaced thanks to Gerda’s Animal Aid, which is an organization that rescued a pregnant horse from execution.

A Rescue Mission for Expecting Horses

Four mares, who were all ready to be sent for slaughter, were saved by Gerda Silver early this year. She is the owner of Gerda’s Animal Aid, and handles all operations of the organization. The organization focuses its efforts on saving the lives of horses that may have a chance to survive. A large number of supporters help Gerda’s Animal Aid function, thanks to their generosity in the form of financial donations.

Out of the four mares mentioned, three were going to give birth to foals. Gerda was able to save a total of three mares with help of donations, but it seemed like one pregnant horse would not be rescued as it had already become property of a meat farmer.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Open Zipper, the pregnant mare who was yet to be saved from execution, was not easy to track down once she had been sold. However, she was found and the organization was able to buy her back with help from the meat farmer’s own son. This unexpected move from the meat farmer’s son helped give Open Zipper another chance at life.

A Shaky New Start

After the horse had been bought back from the meat farmer, it seemed like things were on the right track. But another hurdle was still to come. When Open Zipper was given a chance to walk with a harness on her, she couldn’t manage to stay balanced on her feet. This meant that the mare would have to be euthanized. However, when the harness was removed from her back, she shocked everyone by easily walking about without a problem.

Thanks to the compassion of the meat farmer’s son and the determination of Gerda’s Animal Aid, Open Zipper was saved from being slaughtered with her unborn foal. She gave birth to a foal named Faith a few months later. Both horses are now located in upstate New York and have been put up for adoption. Organizations like Gerda’s Animal Aid are the ones trying to make sure that no animal is sent off to be executed when it has a chance at life. Rescuing four pregnant horses from slaughter, the organization has proved that we can aid helpless animals like Open Zipper in living a peaceful life.

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