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Pony time overload?  Is it possible?
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Pony time overload? Is it possible?

I can normally sit down and write forever about horses but for some reason I have had a mental block the past week or so. I can think of a million things that I want to write about but I can't seem to pick just one topic and come up with enough to say about it. I just seem to have so many random thoughts this past week. Does it have something to do with the dreaded holiday season being upon us? Or is it that I have had so much fun with friends and horses over the last few weeks that my brain is on overload?

I was on vacation the week of Thanksgiving and was so fortunate to spend a lot of time with friends and horses. The first day of my vacation I took 2 of my horses to the vet to get updated Coggins. The second day of my vacation I spent with a lot of great friends having a pre-Thanksgiving get-together. We rode horses, ate lunch, and had many laughs. It was a really great day.

The third day of my vacation a friend came over and helped me work with one of my horses, I am trying to get my boy ready to go back on trail. We had a bad accident several years and my confidence on him is not where it should be.

The fourth day of my vacation was spent cleaning the house, yuck!! The fifth day of my vacation was spent baking and getting ready for Thanksgiving. The sixth day of my vacation was Thanksgiving Day. All of our family lives out of state and since I don't trust anyone to take care of my horses we stay home. We had 3 friends join us who didn't have any family in the area too. Two of the three friends that joined us also have horses, so we talked about horses all day, it was great. The seventh day of my vacation was spent shopping, the one day of the year that we buy for ourselves and not the animals.

The eighth day of my vacation I spent with a friend riding our horses. I hauled my boy to my friend's barn and rode him. It was a place he was not familiar with; there were lots of new horses, sights, and sounds. He was great, that's how I figured out that I am the one that is not ready to take him on trail, he is ready though. The friend that I spent this time with is great at helping me remember to relax and trust my horse. We both have some confidence issues in the saddle but we have really learned to calm each other. We call each other our "security blankets". (Check out her first blog titled "Fearful Riding") When we are together she is great at boosting my confidence and reminding to relax and breathe. It's weird and amazing how good of friends we have become and especially considering how we met and our life experiences that brought us together.

The ninth and final day of my vacation was spent getting ready to go back to work. Yuck!!! Someday I will win the lottery and be able to spend every day riding horses and hanging out with my amazing friends.


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  1. Ariana
    Loved reading this! :) Voted! Thanks!
  2. naturegirl
    Pony overload? I didn't know there was such a thing! Voted! Come read my new post, How to Look Your Best, and let me know if you like it! Thanks!

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