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Play Time
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Play Time

Sometimes even in the middle of a training week you just gotta take a play day. Most people who have horses have at least 2. The horses can play together & be horses. Cookie doesn't have a paddock mate yet so I have to take the place of a play mate for now. 

We had gotten a good long soaking rain yesterday, which meant no work or play. Today, the ground dried up some & no rain again until Monday at least so far. Even though it was still muddy & a tad slick, but not real bad so rather than try to work in it, we played. Cookie knows the difference between play & work now. She understands that I'm not asking anything of her except to move her feet with me & not over me. lol 

We start off in a trot & it only takes a few moments to turn a corner & run run run. Tail flying high, shaking our heads, & giving 1/2 bucks with squeals & high stepping trotting when she turns. A few trotting steps later & she's off & running again. 

This kind of play helps to break up boredom, it's stimulating both in adrenaline & mind & gets rid of excess energy. That excess energy if it's not let out in a healthy manner can lead to vices of all kinds. Cribbing, wind sucking, weaving, grouchiness, disrespect. It can also lead to physical illnesses from the above mentioned. (Though the windsucking could possibly mean there is an intestinal problem somewhere & needs to be checked by a Vet). 

I obviously can't run as fast as she can, so she's already at the other end when I come running up. It's quite a sight I'm sure. This way we both get exercise in, blow off steam & just have fun. Seeing how the ground was a little slick, I don't run behind her all the time. Once in a while I'll just stand still & allow her to find her footing, picking her way through things & not feel pressure to do so. She did slide a bit on a take off, but all is well. No limping, swelling or stiffness. 

One of the great things about lunging is Cookie has learned voice commands pretty well as well as gestures. When we were done running around, we stopped a moment, both hot & sweaty & trying to catch our breath. Me catching my breath, more so than Cookie that is lol.  Then I gestured for her to walk around as if on the lunge line & she did in both directions. Walking to cool her out so she wouldn't catch a chill, keeping her muscles warm & loose so she wouldn't tie up. 

By the time I fed, her pulse & breathing were back to normal & she was damp, but not wet. I placed several piles all around her paddock which helped to keep her moving so by the time she finished all the piles she would be completely cooled out. 

I on the other hand...I was still hot, sweaty & breathing hard. lol!!! I'm still not in shape, but Thank God I'm not where I was before. 

If you & your horse need exercise, run around the paddock with them. Be mindful of where they're facing & stay away from the hind quarters & just have some fun. 


Thank you for reading my blogs & voting if you liked them. Have a blessed day! 


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  1. naturegirl
    Sounds like a blast! Believe it or not, I used to do this with my cats sometimes. My girl would actually wait for me around corners, peaking at me as though she thought I couldn't see her, then take off like crazy when I got close. As for you, I'm sure it was an interesting site to see! You, however, had much larger distances to run than me, and an animal that goes much faster... !!!! So double the exercise for you! Voted! When you have the chance, come check out my new piece: Herbs for your Horse.
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      LOL! I love it when my cats play. It's hilarious! & Yes on double the exercise, I'm still paying for it by the way. lol Thanks for your vote. :)
  2. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted. I don't own a horse but this sounds like great advice, as ever! Please check out my latest blog, Those Famous Budweiser Horses, and vote if you like it. :-)
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thanks! :)
  3. sweedly
    Thanks for sharing. i love reading the stories about you and Cookie. It brings back memories of my horses and the play time fun they had in the pasture. Good advice as well. Voted.
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you. I love to watch her play, she can be a riot! :)

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