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I have been leasing a Chincoteague Pony for about a year now and today I had a particualarly good ride, so I just wanted to share what he is like, what we did, and give some tips of exercises that are fun to do under saddle. 


About Phantom:

Phantom is a 13 year-old Chincoteague Pony who has been at my barn for about a year and a half. I first rode him in the summer of 2011. He can jump about 2'6, probably 2'9 but it would be difficult for him. He would make a super cute jumper if he could compete. He is owned by the barn (he has no specific owner) so he is not allowed off property. In the winter he can go kinda crazy (spooking, bolting, bucking, etc...) so having a good ride in December is pretty good! 


Our Day:

Beacuse he was only used once yesterday, the barn manager asked me to hop on a little early and warm him up to see how he was feeling. We walked and trotted (mostly walked) for 30 minutes and then the barn manager asked me to join the lesson she was teaching. It was just a flat class so we got a chance to work on some of the stuff he has trouble with. He has trouble with his right leg, backing up, turns on the forhands and flying lead changes, so we worked on all of those things. We are working up to flying lead changes so for now we are doing simple changes along the diagonal. 


Awesome Exercises:

-Turn on the Forehand (halt your horse or pony, maintain firm contact on the reigns, apply pressure with one leg and ask your horse to pivot around his/her front legs. You should feel like his/her hind is swinging around.)

-Backing (maintain firm contact on the reigns and squeeze your horse/pony forward at the same time. This makes your horse accept the bit and will encourage him to back up.)

-Simple Changes (**I would recommend starting with your horse/ponies harder lead** Canter around the ring once and then turn onto the diagonal. At the center of the ring break to a trot and then pick up the other lead. Start with about 10 steps of trot and then try for less and less steps until you can do a flying change!)

I hope that you guys try some of these exercises out! Enjoy! Let me know what you think!


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