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Penny's Rescue
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Penny's Rescue

Penny is an incredible horse that I have known for quite awhile, unfortunately I never had the opportunity to own her until now, when it was almost too late, or I would have previously in a heartbeat. She is a saint when it comes to the lesson kids - she used to jump, trail ride, go bareback anywhere and literally just took care of her rider, no matter the rider. Anyone who has taken a lesson on her, seen a child take a lesson on her or leased her knows how much of a once in a lifetime type of horse she was and still is, or if you know the kind of a saint horse I am talking about then just picture her adorable face. Penny taught countless horse lovers to ride and even gave many their very first rides!

It is a shame that this happens to more horses than we realize, I have decided to make a few blog posts about her rescue in particular, and her continued progress and where life takes her! I look forward to these blogs as they will be educational from a trainer who has rescued and assisted in many rescues, you all will get to hear from vets as well!

Just a few short months ago Penny was rated a 1/9 (by a vet) and honestly in my opinion now she is not even out of the 1 woods yet, she may be considered a 2 by some, but she is definitely extremely underweight. I will be getting a vet to re-evaluate her and keep you all updated (as of August 2016), we will also be continuing to re-evaluate her feeding program, progress and other conditions.

I will NOT be pointing fingers or naming names in this blog now or in the future! This blog is to simply raise awareness of horses like her who fall into unfortunate situations or bad circumstances.

My plans are to take her on, continue and improve on her current diet until she is healthy. From there find a diet to help her maintain a healthy weight like she used to be or as close to it as possible! From that point it will be time to decide - can she still help some kids for therapy, or does she need to find a home as a pasture ornament and companion? I look FORWARD to keeping you all posted on her progress and what will be decided in that regard.

 This is what I plan to have her diet consist of (unless recommended differently by a vet, which I’m currently waiting to hear back about):

Penny’s Previous and Future Feeding Schedule

Previous Schedule:

  • 4 Soaked feedings a day of – 3 QT Triple Crown Senior
  • Handful of Alfalfa Pellets and two alfalfa cubes


My General Plan:

I’m giving her two Probios Treats daily just to keep her system moving!


  • As many feedings a day 5-7 (soaked)– 2 QTs Triple Crown Senior with more alfalfa pellets / cubes  spread out as often as possible
  • Add Triple Crown Rice Bran Oil / Vegetable Oil
  • Small Sprinkle of Nutrena Empower


  • As many feedings a day (soaked)– 2 QTs Triple Crown Senior with more alfalfa pellets / cubes  spread out as often as possible
  • Add Triple Crown Rice Bran Oil / Vegetable Oil
  • ½ QT of Nutrena Empower


  • As many feedings a day (soaked)– 2 QTs Triple Crown Senior with more alfalfa pellets / cubes  spread out as often as possible
  • Add Triple Crown Rice Bran Oil / Vegetable Oil
  • 1 QT of Nutrena Empower

My goal is to be able to leave her a constant access to a mix of senior grain with alfalfa pellets / cubes well soaked. That way she constantly has the ability to “graze”. All of this will be done with constant supervision and care!

As far as hay / grass I have been told she will not eat it due to her teeth, however if we find she can handle forage we will start providing some chopped alfalfa forage with possible soaked hay options in the future or high quality hay!

Social Media

I will be keeping Penny's Facebook Page updated ALL the time! I look forward to keeping you all updated on her progress, what will be needed for her care, the vets who are going to be involved and her overall progress: Penny's Hopeful Future

I have also setup a gofundme page if you anyone wishes to contribute towards her continued care and needs: gofundme

I look forward to keeping you updated as Penny recovers, gains weight and thrives!

Disclaimer: Of Horse! and sponsors do not endorse nor validate the accuracy of a blog post. Each article is the opinion of the blogger.

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  1. Kathlaff
    Can't wait for the update that shows her back at a healthy weight, and with a job teaching the next group of beginners the love of horsemanship.
    1. Cristin Kyle
      Cristin Kyle
      The updates will hopefully be often and showing her amazing progress and she is blessed with food, love and time!
  2. Of Horse Support
    Of Horse Support
    Cannot wait to watch Penny's progress! Thanks for taking the time to document this journey.
    1. Cristin Kyle
      Cristin Kyle
      Thank you all for allowing me to share her journey furthermore for people to see!
  3. Cristin Kyle
    Cristin Kyle
    Check out our most popular video of Penny getting some real rest!!! https://www.facebook.com/PennysHopefulFuture/videos
    1. Cristin Kyle
      Cristin Kyle
      I am already working on the next blog, a bit more of a storyline about Penny, so get ready!

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