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Pegasus Project Inspires
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Pegasus Project Inspires

Many times, we find abandoned and distressed animals that we call “stray” and move on. Have you ever thought that a little compassion and understanding can go on to give them a second lease of life?

As humans, we are taught to care for others; remember humanity does not discriminate between a human and an animal. Extend your hand to those who need your help whether they are capable of asking for it or not.

What is Pegasus Project?

A kind-hearted couple Allyson and Mike DeCanio started this project for horses in 2009. They run this horse shelter in their 95 acres ranch situated in Texas. The two of them started out with just 12 abandoned horses but today they have grown to a well-organised firm of seven Directors and over hundred of rescued horses.

Their board consists of highly qualified professionals and horse lovers. Their endeavours are towards ultimately finding a loving home for the horses. It is a philanthropic organisation, which is funded by voluntary donations.

Adoption and Care

Pegasus Project goes to great lengths to ensure the compatibility between the horses and families or people who have shown interest in adoption. They personally get involved to determine the horse’s suitability to a family by understanding their need, riding skills and intended use of the animal.

Ones adopted, the horse cannot be traded or sold. They even visit your house before handing over the horse, to check the boarding arrangements. Their concern for horses goes to an extent where they ask you to inform them if you are not able to take care after adoption.

A fee of $750 and upwards is charged if the horse is fit for riding whereas for small horses, ponies and donkeys that are meant as a companion come at a charge of $250- $500.

More than a Horse Rescue Centre

The members of this mission respond to complaints of cruelty and neglect towards horses with help of local law agencies. This project works closely with other animal welfare organisation as well. Funding is always critical in such projects; therefore, they have their own ways of raising funds apart from donations and adoption fees.

Project Pegasus has an online shop where horse lovers can buy calendars, attractive decals and smart apparel that advocate this project. Clothes that talk about this project go a long way in helping the cause and spreading a word about it.

Everyone is invited!

The project involves people from all walks of life to join them with a meagre monthly fee of $25 onward. Every month they throw a happy hour discussion where members can join in to know the latest updates and news about the ranch. Pegasus “open house” is for general public where spreading awareness about the plight of the horses is the aim. You get to meet the horses and hear their stories of survival.

The project’s headline is “We give Horses wings” and that is the exact reality of this wonderfully humane initiative. Take a look at the happily galloping horses in this ranch and you will find they are far removed from the tragic past of their lives.


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  1. jst4horses
    In California, Oak Meadow Ranch, part of the Blue Pearl Project do the same. All over America there are small programs, at last report 350 and adding to the Horsesforheroes.inc program out of Las Vegas started about four years ago. Spirit Horse and Spirit Horse II, both out of special need Boy Scout Charter programs have existed since the late 1980's when the programs were limited to special need high risk students. During Desert Storm veterans who were mandated by the courts for domestic violence programs for spousal abuse, and child abuse asked for a special program, which was formed and continued for veterans and their families. Bullying of veteran's children became a problem, and Spirit Horse and the other programs began to put in school programs for all the students to realize we owe a great debt to families of soldiers and veterans, and if we allow anyone to gossip (many parents) and their children to bully(often reported to the veteran support programs) we are beyond disrespectful of our military and veterans and their families. The documentary "Soldiers and Horse Sense" is Monty Roberts Flag is Up farm, one of the best of the psychological programs, utilizing veterans who have completed their programs to step up for those coming after them. One thing to seriously remember in these programs is that disabled veterans and children (as the young girl says in the movie Horse Whisperer) feel that they should be put down. We do NOT put our horses down until our veterinarians say it is time. We have taken the time and expense to heal expensive show horses, even of broken legs, that returned to rodeo, barrel racing, and performance. One multi million dollar Kentucky hopeful for a racing syndicate fell in his last work at two on a muddy track. His rich syndicate did not want to spend the money or the time to heal him, or give him a chance. My son bought his papers, they did not want to give him away, since he was not cut, and had great lines. He spent the time it took to heal. I walked him five miles on a training track every single morning, and every single evening until he could go out on his own in the arena to exercise. He healed and became a stadium jumper named Harley. The veterans and high risk youths in our programs are aware that we take the time, and our veterinarians donate the time, and medications at cost to heal these amazing, expensive animals they would NEVER get a chance to work with otherwise. Even those who never completely heal are so healing to veterans and kids who feel no one will ever want them, or value them. There are now two ranches for veterans only, where the veterans actually live there and work cattle until they find themselves wherever they have become lost in their PTSD. These all are amazing programs, there are some that are not, check any horse program out.......I bought an old mare back when a friend who had donated her to a children's program with the guarantee she could get her back and she would be given back if they could not use her was going to sell her for lion food, or to the slaughter...........she worked with me for many years, much smarter said my partnered up psychotherapists, and our consulting Psychiatrist, than they in healing. Please check out all of the equine programs this is their hardest time of the year, and they need donations. My book will be out in a few weeks, and sent to the producers.........all about my thirty plus years of equine assisted therapy.............:)Every single penny will go to the programs for veterans and horses.

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